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How To Write A Song

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I needed to post this information because some of  us don’t know how to correctly write a song. I thought this would be helpful!

To write a good song there are several components that will make the song come together. All of the parts have to transition into various sections of the song, mainly the verses and the choruses.

  1. Title– You should choose a title that is unique and can sum up the meaning of the song in a few simple words.
  2. Verses/lyrics The listener should have a clear understanding of how and why the story is developing as it is.
  3. Bridge– Introducing new information or a new way of looking at things, but the lyrics in the bridge should still make sense to the rest of the song
  4. The “Chorus” reinforces the main point and the general mood of the song by repetition and high energy level. The chorus has the highest energy level of all the parts of the song – it is the loudest, highest-pitched and most emotional part of the song.
  5. The “Hook” is the phrase in a song that tells the listener what the song is all about. Generally, the words that you hear repeatedly are the “HOOK”. In rap music, the term hook is often used to mean chorus.

You have to make sure that your song is original. Use common things that you are familiar with, such as love or personal life experiences, this would be a perfect example of what the listener is used to. Use an innovative way when writing this and make it your own. Most songwriters write about their own experiences and feelings. I experienced this when I wrote my first song, which was actually a poem about my personal love affair.

Try Listening to your favorite songs to give yourself that push that hopefully will prevent writer’s block.

Key things to listen for: Listen to the story, Listen for the “Hook” and how often its repeated.

The “Experienced Songwriter” may have reviewed and rewritten their song over and over. If you feel the need to change it, go ahead and do so! A Grammy-Nominated song takes dedication, time and long hours!

The melodic structure of your song will already be in process while you’re writing it.

Sing it aloud, record it and get feedback from your friends and family!

Songwriting is not easy and it could take up to 100 songs written before you have that HIT!

So with that being said, Get that Pen and Paper ready and start writing that HIT song!

Written by

Carmen Pearson


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