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Network! Integrating Your Social Media Sites with Your Website

Hey Y’all!

It’s Your Gyrl, Ms Carmen aka Platinum Voice PR bringing another relevant topic  to you!

Even though social media has grown in significance, and it has now become a necessary part of a businesses’ online strategy, it should not completely replace the traditional methods of online marketing.

Social media plays an important role in creating relationships, building brand and customer confidence in your business, product, or service.  For most artists, your website is still the main place where you would convert your prospects and network friends into customers.

You also want to keep in mind that you still want to spend your marketing dollars building up your own online asset (your website) instead of another’s online asset (your social networking sites).  If you spend your efforts and energy promoting your Facebook page, Twitter account, or YouTube channel, in lieu of your own website, then you are putting your online presence at risk.  If one of your social network sites closes down, or your account gets deleted, then you lose your main means of marketing yourself online.   Keeping the marketing focus on your own website allows you to maintain control of your online marketing.

That being said, how does the ever busy artist keep the proper level of focus on their own website while taking advantage of their social media networks to increase product or service awareness and create more clients and customers from this integration?

Well the first step is to be clear on what the focus is for each one.  Use your social media accounts to generate awareness for your business and services and then use your website to convert them into sales and new clients.

Your social media traffic is different from the majority of your other traffic sources because it is what is considered warm traffic.  These visitors already know you and are familiar with you so you don’t need to use your website to introduce them to who you are, why you are different and why they should buy from you.  By being a member of your social network, your visitors should already have that knowledge.  Your social media traffic should continue to reinforce your social image, yet your landing page should also add to their motivation to take an action now.  For example, if you position yourself as an expert in producing on your social media networks, you would send your social media traffic to a page on your website for those that want to get more information, or purchasing your music.  That webpage would then tie back to what you talked about in your social media site about purchasing your music or hiring you as a producer

Ways where you can integrate your social media account with your website include the following:

1) Connect your website to your social media accounts or place the widget on your site.  Places like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ will automatically appear on your site when you post.  This is an easy way to keep your fans updated and connected to what you are doing, just in cast they don’t subscribed to the networks. Actually, It will make them join them so that they can always be in touch with your every move!

2) Place the social networking buttons on your website to encourage random visitors who may not want to sign up to your newsletter, to connect with you on your social network account.  This is only useful if you intend to update your social network accounts.  This is why it is beneficial to connect your website to your social network account because it becomes easy to keep you in the minds of your social network fan base.

3) If you have a Twitter account, post your Twitter stream on your website.  Your Twitter stream should be tweets that are related to your craft, and not what you had for lunch that day, when you went to the bathroom, who you’re flirting with in the bar… etc.  They should be tweets of your music, links to helpful related resources, useful blog posts that you feel will help your fan base, and your upcoming events.

Integrating your Social Media accounts and your web site will give you the best outcome in terms of creating more online traffic and your fan base, while allowing you to build your own base to become viral online!

So, Now I need you to GET CONNECTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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