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How to Properly Promote Your Music Online

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It’s Your Gyrl, Ms. Carmen aka Platinum Voice PR bringing another relevant topic to you!

These are some simple ways, tips and tricks with promoting your mix tape online.

Getting started with mix tape promotion can be hard but with these simple ways you will be on the right track
when getting your music out there to the people who want to hear it.
By promoting your mix tape, you will build a strong and loyal fan base to start your music career.

Twitter – Use Hash-tags, They will work if used effectively. For example, I live in Chicago and I search for artists daily. I asked that the artists use #ChicagoMusic in order for people of interest can find them. One thing that no one on Twitter likes would be SPAMMING. Also, I call it Timeline Jacking. If you’re not following the person that you may see an interest in on your friends timeline, my advice to you would be to follow them first. It’s called Twitter Etiquette. Also, find a creative way of tweeting it instead of placing a bunch of followers with a link. If your creative juices fail to flow then HIRE a Professional like PlatinumVoicePR to do the work for you. I know that this can be very time-consuming as well as costly for the artist. Effectiveness is the key to building your brand.

YouTube When using YouTube to promote your mix tape, Do it effectively because 90% of the people are looking to find content that’s all ready out. Meaning, you have promoted your material on other sites. So, Introduce yourself by doing current songs by either free styles to popular tracks or remixes.

Place your mix tape download link under videos.Effectively tag   your videos  and make sure that is related to the content of your mix tape. If you have a freestyle, say in the style of a Kanye West cover, then type Kanye West in the tags.

Get an online producer to remix a current song and help you create your own verses and hook to the song. This will also help you evade the YouTube copy-write guidelines so that your video will not be pulled. This is just an introduction to who you are and how you want to be perceived. NEVER bite another lyricist’s style, create your own. this tip is only for marketing purposes.

People on YouTube like to watch videos, so create some quality low-budget videos to your original songs. Your personality can really shine this way and show versatility with your music. Seek Music Bloggers or friends to do an interview of how you got into music or about your new mix tape.

The YouTube community is all about working together! I urge you to network with some singers to do the hooks on your songs. Collaborate with other lyricists to do a verse or two. This will say to others, “I’m a Team-Player”. Set up little competitions for the best verse for your song , this will  inspire other artists that may not have a following, have hundreds of people promoting your mix tape.

Talk to everyone who responds to mixtapes video songs and get them to subscribe to  your channel. Get personal and talk to your fans regularly, respond to questions,  update them on what you’re doing and where you will be performing so that they can come support you. Ask them to bring their friends.

Carefully place your videos as a comment, under the VEVO channels of the artist that you like and have similar style. to you This will get you a couple of hundred views a day depending how many times you update them to current videos.

Email Marketing As your following grows, you may want to set up a mailing list. The mailing list will update your fans who have signed up to your website mailing list via their email address of events.

Constant Contact is good email mailing list builder but will cost you monthly. So, if you feel your following isn’t as big yet, wait until you have built up your list of at least 100 fans. The mailing list is a very powerful tool and will get your downloads up very fast! It will give your fans instant notice of your new mix tape release so they can download it.

MySpace Many will say MySpace is dead, and to a certain extent it has dropped of the radar compared to 3 years ago.  Shockingly,  MySpace is still the main music social network site in the world and is heavily used by major artists. Make sure to always update that content as well. Note: This is to your advantage  if people have dropped off MySpace. Continue to use MySpace, People are  discovered everyday from here and it would be foolish not to use it. MySpace now has a very active forum on there and You will find it more easy to promote your mix tape here in the forums.

Facebook It has been said that Facebook has  over 750 million members. Facebook is the second biggest site in the world and its great place for you to get fans by posting your mixtapes and videos here and talking to fans.

Consistently, Get fans to hit that “LIKE”  button . The best way to promote your mix tape here is to start following people every day with similar taste in music.

Become Friends with  people every day and the very moment you have a size-able amount of friends start building the hype and buzz than posting videos every day. Tell them that you’re in the studio today and you’re working on THAT new song or just killed a beat today.

Tell them  who you’re working with at the moment, the competitions that you have entered or are hosting. Facebook is a great way to build a rapport with fans and show them your personality!  Invest in your career!  Give out merchandise like t-shirts with your logo and brand as a token of your appreciation.

Take pictures of your fans and friends wearing your merchandise! BRAND, BRAND, BRAND! Tell them how they can get your t-shirts….This will show that you have a following and are worth the listen for potential new listeners!

Set up campaigns on the side for your mix tape release. Do this 2-3 days before the mix tape comes out.  It can be very costly if you want to  reach a specific audience.

After a successful campaign, resume to gaining more friends on  Facebook.  Refrain from promotion of your music for a little while, like a month or two, to give fans a chance to digest your music! Overkill will have your fans annoyed after your promotion, so find something else to talk about.

Mixtape Hosting – This is something you have to do on your own! Search the internet for record-breaking DJs in your town,  network with them on twitter and LinkedIn. Make them your friend by promoting them and the work that they do. Ask your followers to follow them. Build that Relationship! The worst thing you could do is use this tactic on several DJs! They are friends and will stick together if they feel you are playing the field!  Go to Open Mics when you know they will be there and BRAND, BRAND, BRAND! I said Brand, not Bug them because that would not be in your favor. Once that you have built a relationship with them, You will know when that time comes, ask them to host your mix tape. Make sure your work has been mixed and mastered before doing this! Make sure all of your i’s are dotted and your t’s are crossed! Do your homework on the DJs and have your budget in place. You will be charged to use their name, so make sure you’re ready for that price!  Coast 2 Coast is a site that will  host your mix tape! Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes is the only company in the world who effectively promotes and distributes mixtapes online. The basic package allows you to utilize the extensive Coast 2 Coast Network to promote your personal mixtape or EP project to hundreds of thousands of fans. Every mixtape distribution comes with a detailed report you can print and use to show A&Rs and Record Labels how far your music reaches in the online world!

I hope that this information has given you a little insight on how to properly market yourself. In order for a Marketing Strategist to assist you with creating that even bigger buzz, you must do your part as well! Thanks for reading!

In Closing, You never know where I may be bringing you the events of Chicago, so make sure you follow this blog and Follow me on Twitter, @PlatinumVoicePR! If you need your name and craft to buzz out here, go to  Until next time, See ya later Babies!


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