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#ChicagoMusic Are you interested in selling your music?

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How to let your fans buy your CDs or songs easily online!

Do you have a CD or some sons that you’d like to sell online? One of the great things about the music business today is that as an Indie Musician you can easily sell you own CDs from your website and your shows without a label.

In fact if you want to make a living with your music you need to do more than just get paid to play live shows. You need to sell your CDs or songs to make additional income and help more people get exposed to your music!

One of the best ways to sell your CDs online if you don’t have your own website or want to deal with getting a shopping cart service is CD Baby. Derek Sivers has truly created an amazing service for Indie Musicians.

CD Baby is easy to sign up for and very fair! In a regular record deal or distribution deal, musicians only make $1-$2 per CD, if they ever get paid by their label. When selling through CD Baby, musicians make money per CD, and get paid weekly.

They’ve been in business, and thriving, since March 1998. In fact they are the 2nd-largest seller of independent CDs on the web, 2nd only to Amazon.

What if you want more control and the ability to sell individual downloadable songs?

You might want the ability to sell individual songs on your site (in downloadable format). You also might want more control over selling your CD including the ability to offer discounts, sales and easily follow-up with people who buy your music.

One of the great things to come about the millennium is the popularity for artists to sell individual songs in downloadable MP3 format – rather than whole CDs. It is like the rebirth of the “single” or “45”. This is a great benefit you for several reasons: You don’t have to wait until you have the time or money to record a whole CD – you can write and record a great new song and be selling it online the next day.

You can increase your fan base and market by getting people who might not normally buy a whole CD from an artist they don’t know well to buy a few of your songs and slowly get into your music.

CD Baby now provides you with the ability to sell individual songs. For a small fee, you can sell your newest single direct on iTunes, Amazon MP3, Spotify,, Tunecore and many other popular music retailers!

Most digital distribution companies charge a yearly fee for every album or single they distribute. CD Baby is different. They keep a tiny 9% of net earnings. No per-delivery fees, per-region fees, cancellation fees, or hidden fees. And since there is no annual fee, they only make money when you do. They’ll never kick you off for not meeting minimum sales requirements!

They handle all the payment transactions, download fulfillment, and customer service – so you can concentrate on music! How convenient is that?

Ok, so you just want to sell on CD Baby? You can do that as well and still make money!

They keep only 25% and pay you a whopping 75% per download sold on our store – more than iTunes, Amazon, and other retailers. So if you set your single-song download price at 99¢ you’ll get paid 74¢ per song!

So you just wanna give them away?

CD Baby will allow you to price your tracks at $0, enabling fans to sign up for a free download!

CD Baby Music Promotion Tips:

CD Baby has paid out over $200 million to indie artists like you. They give you the tools and flexibility to sell and promote YOUR music YOUR way.

CD Baby Music Promotion Tools make it easy for your fans to purchase your music by adding a customized graphic HTML link on your website, blog, and social networking profiles.

They analyze your web traffic with their hits tracker; you can easily access the effectiveness of your music promotion campaigns, make adjustments based on real-time data, and focus your energy on the places that are bringing in the most sales!

Tell them who you sound like and choose three well-known artists that you sound like. When CD Baby customers search for one of those artists on, your album could appear in the results!

I hope this helps you and for more information or to sign up for CD Baby CLICK HERE!

TuneCore is the largest distributor of digital music with one of the highest revenue-generating music catalogs in the world. In the past two years, TuneCore Artists have sold over 400 million units and generated over $250 million dollars in gross music sales and songwriter revenue.

TuneCore is a low, flat fee service that distributes music to iTunes, Amazon MP3, Spotify and other major download and streaming sites. TuneCore artists keep 100% of their royalties and all their rights. Artists are building careers, selling significant volumes of music and generating revenue through TuneCore.

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