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Do I have what it takes to get recognized?

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After spending countless hours on twitter, I have noticed everyone is a model, singer, writer, rapper and/or producer.  You must ask yourself; “What can I do to separate myself from the rest of the “artists”?  What can I do to get my music recognized? How can I attract the “Right” people in the industry?

Of course, the very first thing you need to have is good music.  Also, your packaging and presentation must be concise and professional. Make sure your packaging has ALL of your contact information readily available, you must attract them with a good product, to peak their interest. Certainly the quality of your music is important, but the fact remains that books always get judged by their covers, so make sure your “cover” is something that is memorable for all the right reasons.

Is your name ringing bells?  Networking and building a fan base is the final key to success!  It is difficult to get your music heard if no one has heard of you or has seen your “Grind”.  Work to get yourself in the line of sight and within ear shot of as many people as possible (everyone is not going to like you and your music, but the more people that are exposed to you the better your chances are of finding the people that will like you and what you have to offer).  Luckily for you, the internet has made it easier to reach a myriad of people from the comfort of your own home.  Obviously you want to work hard in your own back yard to build a base and a brand, but do not limit yourself to just your neighborhood, city, state…search for websites and use social media as much as possible to reach out far and wide to find who the promoters, DJ’s, club owners, executives etc. are in various cities.  Then be prepared to invest financially in yourself.  Yes; the old adage is true, it takes money to make money.  Shoot videos and upload them to YouTube, manufacture hard copies and pass them out, create a website, provide links to whomever you can (you have seen it; Justin Bieber, Soulja Boy, even that little girl with the song about Fridays were discovered based on their internet presence).  Helpful hint:  You might want to start out with 1 song rather than an entire mix tape.  Chances are it will be easier to get people to listen to 1 song rather than an entire album worth of material.  Once they know you are not a “fly by night” basement hobby musician then you can provide more material. Start slow with a EP of 8-9 songs on it (No one is going to listen to 18 songs of an unknown artist.

Also, you will not get paid for everything you do in the beginning…to start, your objective is to be heard and gain interest.  Once they (with they, being industry people or the average fan) realize that you are worth their time, energy and money then you can start to think about generating revenue from your product.  I also highly suggest that (through your new-found contacts) you find out about, and go to as many events/functions as you can that will gain you exposure as well as increase your knowledge of the music business.

It might take some luck, but more than that it takes persistent hard work.  Take advantage of every opportunity to spread your product, your brand…YOU!  I have experienced it from a fan’s stand point myself. Consistent and persistent work of an artist is the best way to reach out to the masses. Numbers do count!

People always talk about “grinding”…but understand that Webster defines grinding as “to move with difficulty or friction”. The “Grind” is just that and if you’re not up to the challenge, it’s best you get out of the game.  You can get your music recognized…but do not expect it to be easy or come quickly.  However; like the old saying, anything worth having is worth working for. So, with that being said, Promote, Promote, Promote!


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