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Meet Platinum Artist of the Month-@_ReezyRee

Hey Y’all!

It’s Your Gyrl, Ms. Carmen aka Platinum Voice PR bringing another Platinum Featured Artist to you!

I met this young gentleman on twitter and I must say I’m very impressed with his grind. I was tweeting one day and I was gently approached by him,he asked me how can he promote his music. I gave him one solid solution which  is promoting his single with “DrumSquad DJs” and he agreed to do what was necessary. I introduced it to the team and they like his song”We Winnin”! I was so excited to introduce the artist that found me and I want to introduce him to the world! Everyone meet Mr Reezy Ree!

20121211_155433 (1)Listen>>>We Winnin- Reezy Ree Feat. Corey Jones (Remaster)

If you’re looking for a different breed of Chicago Music, Look no further, Reezy Ree is here! Darrell “Reezyree” Barnes was born in Chicago, Illinois on January 16, 1986. Not having a stable parental background throughout most of his life, he began expressing himself silently through music. “Not having both parents around at the same time I had to learn how to survive on my own; even when I was facing adversity from the street life.” He was raised in Chicago on the South side, 114th and Harvard and in a small city in Florida called Leesburg. During his 9th grade year at Leesburg High School, he moved back to Chicago and attended Du Sable High School where he earned his high school diploma.At the age of fourteen, he became a solo artist, mostly writing his rhymes. He started by conveying his emotions through his music, and then began battling between other rappers to help perfect his skills. This is when he was known to be called “Reezyree” in the hood. He moved back to Florida when he was older to hone his entire arsenal of tips through trial and error and help him become more versatile by observing southern rapper and their styles. Now, at the developmental stage of his career, at age twenty-Seven, he has now been performing on stage for a little over nine years. He has done several shows at a club called The Lounge in Orange Park, Florida and The Sean J Show, The Zone,Reggies Rock Club,The Redline Tap, Elk’s Lodge, Club E, Bill’s Blues Bar, Club Cartel, Double Door, The Shrine, Lilly’s Bar and Exodus Lounge,Parties and a wedding in Chicago. ” Reezyree wants the world to know that he is passionate about music, because it is his main form of expressing himself and he has become very versatile in doing so in his sound, lyrics, and delivery. When you listen to his music he will have something that you can relate to regardless of your background or situation. He talks about what has gone on in his life and the lives of many who are faced with the same obstacles. Listeners can relate to his music because, though he is a product of the hood, he is able to reach out to all when he raps touching different people through his music.He can be contacted through his email address,

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