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#ChicagoMusic asks “Does the Way I Dress On Stage Matter?”

Hey Y’all!

It’s Your Gyrl, Ms. Carmen aka Platinum Voice PR bringing another relevant topic to you!

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Admittedly, I’m not the best example of a dramatic dresser. I tend to wear things that are just a notch above what you’d see me wearing at home, which — I assure you — is not much of your average club gear.

So when it’s time to get ready to go to an artist’s show, I’ll usually throw on  a cute dress, maybe some killer boots, and once or twice a year I’ll let someone change my hairstyle. No stripper-style cat-suits or short dresses in my musical pr world.

But I’ve always admired artists who had the forethought and confidence to put together a striking wardrobe just for the stage. Sequined shorts. Matching t-shirts with the brand imprinted on them. Retro-glam leotards or Jeans and boots.


Does WHAT an artist wears on stage change HOW we hear their music?

What do you think? Do fashion concerns enhance or distract from the music? Do costumes or elaborate get-ups make performers seem larger than life, or just pretentious and silly?

How should artists think about fashion and attire when it comes to their stage presentation?


Do you ascribe to the casual approach (say, jeans and Timberland Boots), or do you go all-out (sequined boots, Midriff tops and liquid leggings)?

If you “dress down,” do you run the risk of being ignored?

I have always said, Dress your part, You may never know who’s in the audience at this week’s open mic. It could be me taking your picture or someone else that blogs or even a magazine writer. You should always impress your audience. Always use discretion while “Dressing for the part” merely because that one bad outfit could kill your performance.

I have been guilty of watching the outfit more-so than the artist. That is something that you don’t want to happen. With all the information in mind, “Dress Your Part”, Please.

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