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Hey Y’all!

It’s Your Gyrl, Ms. Carmen aka Platinum Voice PR bringing another Platinum Designer to you!

I found this designer on twitter and I must say I’m going to experience a piece of clothing from this Los Angeles company. Philthy Ragz is the Brand and if you like to be the talk of the party, their clothing is for you.

Read about how Philthy Ragz came to be and then take a look at what my favorites are (Click on the pictures to purchase)!


As a young child, while most elementary school kids were outdoors enjoying jump rope and hopscotch, Gaynelle White was exhorted to learn to sew by her grandmother. She taught her simple techniques which sparked not only her curiosity, but were the beginning of her love and desire to express creativity and style. Gaynelle loved to watch her mother get dressed for a night out with the girls and would even style her mother’s girlfriends clothing, apply their make-up and even style these grown women’s hair at the tender age of just 9 years old.

Along with her sister, Gaynelle would create fashion shows in the family’s living room with clothes made of sheets mixed with her mother’s clothing often to the amusement of the women. Not realizing that she had found her passion in life at such an early age, these occurrences would be the catalysts to a career in fashion design and sparked her undeniable styling and entrepreneurial spirit in the beauty & fashion industries. Gaynelle would tear pages out of magazines, rummage through her mother and grandmother’s closets and look at covers of albums for hours trying to imitate the looks and styles of the seemingly unaffordable pieces of the hottest designs of the day.

All this became an obsession of Gaynelle’s as she thinks back to a time in high school when the results of her extensive labor were confirmed. She remembers a time when no one at her school was wearing bands around their heads and being teased when she wore one, but what happened next was the very moment that she realized the effect of self-expression, individual style and confidence, because the next day three other girls mimicked her style and had on headbands!!! Words like trend setter, designer and entrepreneur were unfamiliar to her at the time, but fast forward three decades, and those are the very words used to describe the unique, yet eclectic style of apparel at her boutique Philthy Ragz, owned by Gaynelle and her husband David, the astute businessman.

It was David that challenged her to create a line of clothing that is sassy and sensuous, yet stylish and classy and if you are familiar with Philthy Ragz, you know that the boutique has it all! Having that special eye for classic, timeless apparel and bold new trends, in 2005 she created the Philthy Ragz Collection of clothing that focused on invigorating color, hot trends and sexy sensuousness. The Philthy Ragz brand has since emerged as a breakout success in the women’s fashion arena. The Philthy Ragz designs are eclectic without eccentricity and combine the designers’ style savvy eye for fashion forward apparel.

Her aim has been to build beautiful pieces that are eminently fashionable and highly affordable. The line has been especially constructed with the real woman in mind; the Philthy Ragz collection has filled a void in the marketplace for women with curves and evokes within them that inner confidence that escapes them with many of today’s designers. This assurance is reflected transparently while silently radiating the style and class which has become an intrinsic design element of the Philthy Ragz brand. In 2007, following the overwhelming success of the clothing line, the couple decided to open the Philthy Ragz Boutique to showcase the Philthy Ragz collection, trendy apparel and one-of-a-kind handbags all chosen with Gaynelle’s special eye for pieces that are edgy, and evoke panache.

Inspired by high fashion runway, the Philthy Ragz collection and boutique has captured the attention of celebrities and stylish women worldwide who desire to obtain a look that sets them apart from the crowd and places them into a league of their own. We invite you to discover Philthy Ragz for yourself and experience the alluring euphoric feeling of the collection which serves as a must have for that trendsetting fashionista.

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