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#ChicagoMusic-Ways to Get Media Attention Using Social Media

Hey Y’all!
It’s Your Gyrl, Ms. Carmen aka Platinum Voice PR bringing another relevant topic to you!

I’m writing this to show you how using social media in the right way will be way more rewarding than what is generally done on social media sites

  1. Follow MP3 blogs, local newspapers, and local media on Twitter.Place them on to a specific list so you can see all their tweets without being distracted by others.
  2.  Try to follow the person rather than the organization. If it’s a weekly newspaper, look up the music journalists’ names and find them on Twitter. Instead of following the radio station you want to be on, follow the individual DJ.
  3. When the gatekeepers post something relevant, re-tweet their posts! When I re-tweet  I try to spread the re-tweets out throughout the day instead of in a row. If someone sees you re-tweeting a million posts in a row, they tend to ignore you. Also, if you are filling up your Twitter stream with a ton of posts per minute, people will unfollow you. So don’t go buck wild re-tweeting everything in existence all at once! Only re-tweet what is relevant to your music that you think your fans would like.
  4. Don’t promote yourself to the media list or SPAM people you’re not following! That’s a bad way to get attention. If they are interested in you, they will follow the link in your profile to learn more about you. They will read your tweets for relevant information.Spamming them to follow you, listen to your music, or to write about your shows just sucks. It’s what Seth Godin refers to as “interruption marketing“. It’s the same thing as irritating commercials during your favorite show. Or getting email about erectile dysfunctions. Nobody wants it.
  5. Join their conversation and talk casually! Instead of hoping people will follow you and join your conversation, engage in already existing conversations.When a media outlet posts something entertaining that I can give to, I reply to their tweet and start a conversation going. That’s it! Don’t spam, don’t self-promote. DO talk, DO promote others. You’re not barking out to a world that isn’t listening, you are talking with someone, one on one, who actually wants to talk back to you.
  6. Join the @MakinItMag organization and Brand and Promote! This company provides free DJ Resources, Mixtape Submissions and access to a plethora of information about the music industry with the purchase of a yearly premium membership($57.00)! This costs will tremendously cut your work in half when you need to reach that perfect source to market your music! Click here for details!
  7.  I use Headliner FM to promote my clients’ music! The cool thing about this service is that others promote YOU for free! This is a way of exposing your brand or music to others(Click here to join)Not only does it work wonders, using Headliner FM properly is more fulfilling and meaningful. The relationships you form have depth.
  8. Subscribe to other users YouTube accounts! Remember they will receive an email when you post something new! So hit their subscribe buttons!

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