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Managers! Is Your Artist Good at Interviewing?

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It’s Your Gyrl, Ms. Carmen aka Platinum Voice PR bringing another relevant topic to you!

Many recording artists will do interviews. They will have interviews on many formats including radio, television and magazines. Many artists and record labels waste their time when they are interviewed.

It is because their interviews are boring. Their consumers are not even interested in reading the entire article or listening to the entire radio show. It is a major problem for record labels.

The Boring Recording Artist
If people are not interested in listening to your artists, you cannot convince them to purchase your artists’ music. If you cannot convince them to purchase your artists’ music, you record label will never be successful.

You Have Responsibilities!!!
As a music executive, it is your job to entertain your fan base. Your artists’ interviews must make your consumers interested in their music.

To Do This Correctly . . .
You need to get your artist ready to make an impact when he or she conducts interviews .

Three things that you must do are the following:

Artist Interview Part A: Personality
Artist Interview Part B: Direction
Artist Interview Part C: Practice

Most artists answer questions, but they do not have a personality. Your artist must have a personality, and it should be easily identified in his or her interviews.

Please Do It Right
You need to make sure that your artists’ personalities match their images. More importantly, their personalities must be entertaining. There is a reason that several artists on a magazine cover cannot sell ten copies, and one artist on the same magazine cover will sell out on every newsstand.

The Reason Is . . .
Popular artists have personalities that make their consumers interested in them, so they become extremely popular and newsworthy.


Your artist should never conduct interviews for his or her health. Something needs to be going on in your artist’s life.

Something . . . Anything
Your artist might have an album release party, release a new single, get involved in charity work, etc. Your artist needs to be interviewed for a specific reason.

The Common Mistake
The mistake many artists make is that they do not direct their consumers to take a specific action. Your artists must direct their consumers to purchase an album, go to a website, etc. when they are being interviewed by any media outlet.

Do Not Lose Your Potential Fan Base
You are wasting your artists’ time if their media coverage does not increase their income and/or popularity. It will only happen if your artists give their fans instructions during their interviews.


The only way people become good at their craft is with practice. Interviews are not any different. You need to practice interviews with all of your recording artists.

When People Do Not Practice . . .
Many artists sound stupid when they are being interviewed. Many fans lose respect for their favorite artists because their interviews are so horrible. The biggest reason is their artists are not coached. They have not been trained to sound smart and be entertaining at the same time.

You put your artists in the best position to have great interviews when you take the initiative to practice this craft with them.

Source: Learn the Industry

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