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Meet @ThePhantomDJ- Platinum DJ of The Month

Hey Y’all!

It’s Your Gyrl, Ms. Carmen aka Platinum Voice PR bringing another Platinum DJ of the Month  feature to you!  He’s one of Chicago‘s finest DJs and the only Mixologist ( that secures venues wherever his turntables may be. The Man behind the  brand isn’t as mysterious as it may sound. Take a trip with me while I introduce to you, My Platinum DJ of the Month, DJ Phantom!


When talking about a DJ that supports independent music, the name, DJ Phantom comes to mind. His passion for life and music is recognized by all young and old. He has an intense presence in the hip-hop genre and is recognized by many indie and major artists, record labels and managements.

DJ Phantom currently works as a Mixologist on 107.5 WGCI-FM and 102.7 WVAZ-FM (V-103).  He holds the position on WGCI’s morning show, the Morning Riot, as their resident Mixologist and does the 6 and 8 o’clock am mix each weekday morning.


In addition to his many accomplishments, DJ Phantom owns a platinum sound company and music studio.  His passion has led him to scout for local artists; he helps artists by critiquing their music to help them understand how they can improve and make their sound and their acts more marketable.


In the community, he works with CAPS and CPS to mentor the youth while encouraging them to study music. He advises them to use their interest as alternative to hanging in the streets.  He is currently involved with several different grass-roots efforts to improve the life of youth in Chicago.

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Most recently, DJ Phantom appeared as the featured DJ in Washington, DC at the Illinois Inauguration Ball during President Barack Obama’s Inauguration ceremonies.  Having served in the same capacity for the Inauguration ceremonies in 2009, he was extremely honored to be invited to return.


DJ Phantom continues to hone his craft, and welcomes all opportunities for growth and advancement in his own career. In addition, he seeks opportunities to mentor aspiring DJs and youth interested in pursuing careers in the music business.


So, If there is ever a question, who is your favorite DJ? Hands down, DJ Phantom’s hard work and dedication to the game proves why he is YOUR favorite DJ.

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