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Artists, Djs, Labels & Producers, Submit Your Original & Remixed Music for Free!

Hey Y’all!

It’s Your Gyrl, Ms. Carmen aka Platinum Voice PR bringing another opportunity to you! As always, I’m hooking you up! The Crate Connect is great tool for getting your best project to the DJs!  They are giving you exposure for free! Remember the product you submit represents you! You never who will be listening, so send your clean copywrited versions for that sake! Thank you and here’s the info:

1. All Music must is a minimum of 192kbs – 320kbs Mp3 format

2. Properly ID3 Tagged with Artist – Track information

3. Upload MP3 files or rar/zip packs of music HERE or can email them to

4. Please provide information on the genre or style that best fits the music submitted.

Please Note: The more versions of the track the better for promotion. EXAMPLE. Acapella, Club, Instrumental, Radio, Edits.

*Terms & Conditions

You must own the rights to the music submitted to or we cannot add it to the Promotional Dj Pool.

All the files provided to on are provided to our “users” for promotional review for airplay or live play consideration and may not be sold, licensed, or re-distributed without the express written consent all copyright holders respectively.

You never know where I may be bringing you the events of Chicago, so make sure you follow this blog and Follow me on Twitter, @PlatinumVoicePR! If you need your name and craft to buzz out here, go to Until next time, See ya later Babies!


(PlatinumVoicePR is the source for the events and has no legal bindings with associated parties)



2 thoughts on “Artists, Djs, Labels & Producers, Submit Your Original & Remixed Music for Free!

  1. Ok, my situation is that I’m not working and I do not have any income. Before I was terminated from last job I bought a Producer Edition of FL Studio. I have been using it off and on more on than off, and made a few arrangements. I have some loops in my projects but they are royalty free samples. Like one or two per composition, all other instruments or sounds were provided by virtual instruments or vst’s. Wiki How says that if you have the data files or a saved copy of the arrangement you automatically have a copyright. But registering it with the government makes enforcing it easier. I care about the money, I need it to keep doing this, but I do this because I love it and have loved House music since 1985. I know I need to work, I would much rather be doing something I love doing rather working a job I don’t like to pay for doing what I do like. Always something. So what I am asking is should I just hold on to my tracks until I can get the copyrights? I already put them on Mixcloud for playing, as far as I know you can’t download from Mixcloud, but of course anything can be jacked, I mean hacked. Same difference.


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