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[Platinum Pick] Platinum Book to Read -The Darker Side of Evil by Andre N. Turner

Hey Y’all!

It’s Your Gyrl, Ms. Carmen aka Platinum Voice PR bringing another Platinum Book to Read to you! This month I’ve chosen, “The Darker Side of Evil” by Andre N. Turner. First, I will give you a brief history about the author:


Andre Nicholas Turner is a 43-year-old Chicago native. A graduate of Southern Illinois University and The School of Hard Knocks, Mr. Turner grew up a product of the streets of Chicago, but refused to let them define him. A freelance writer & staunch advocate for prison reform, Andre contributes to as the Chicago Prison Policy Examiner. Andre uses his tough urban upbringing to add the unique flair that resonates throughout the body of my literary offerings. Andre has recently completed his first true crime manuscript, “The Darker Side of Evil,” which reveals the existence and depravity of the Black serial killer. His passion and tenacity will make Andre N. Turner a name to look for in the world of literature.


The Darker Side of Evil debunks the popular myth that all serial killers are White. Quite to the contrary, a great many of the most prolific serial killers in American history are Black. Taking advantage of America’s infatuation with murder, Hollywood has reaped untold millions from their constant portrayal of the Caucasian serial murderer. All the while media outlets refuse to acknowledge the existence of the African-American serial killer. The unwillingness of the media to recognize the existence of these predators not only allow them to hide in plain sight but may have cost many innocent victims their lives as a result.

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