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PlatinumVoice PR Music- Should we grant a pass or Deny it?

Should we grant a pass or Deny it?
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Robb Nell
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
Description: International Rap
Biography: In effect, I’ve figured out a lot of things by failing. Guidance wasn’t abundant in my environment as a child. At an early age, I tested well, and therefore, gained access to the best educational doors money could buy in Cincinnati. I don’t believe I’m more intelligent than the next man or more intellectual. I’ve just decided to actually document a few thoughts. My formal education will hinder the frequency with which I deem important to document. I find that troubling, and even counter productive, to my actual mission. In essence, I’ll fail to include minor things that are actually major because I think that I know what, who reads this, is actually after. I’m not famous nor dynamic but I’ve got a substantial amount of mileage on my soul & body. To preface my proverbial carrot without divulging too much, I feel, not necessarily that I’ve cracked the code, but that I float consciously above, not all, but a lot of worldliness by simply developing an endgame system, at which I attach my core of being. Somewhere along the line, a few strangers in strange places that had no knowledge of each other, randomly told me “you’re very powerful”, in passing, for no apparent reason. I don’t desire to be, nor proclaim that I actually am or am not. I find connections interesting and common denominators comfortable. Familiarity is not the womb of success, yet it is related, almost a bastard child outside of the marriage, if you will. Please do not find solace in my rambling musings nor my well manicured monologues. They’re both as self righteous and pretentious as they appear. Nothing is pure nor sincere. Everything is an observation, my own personal peanut gallery of flawed judgments, both willful & gelded. I exist as nothing more than a father and husband, although I’d have you believe I’m special and important. Nope. I will tell you that I know everything, in my humble opinion, that hindsight has no bearing on my wisdom, & that experience is only for some of us. Most are pity patting or bullshitting. The World fucked with my perspective & the Jesuits centered it. It’s amazing how a religious unit can make sense of the world and not it’s own religion but that’s for another day. I’ve learned that people are people and people wanna be liked more than they wanna be loved. Liked doesn’t have the obligation or responsibility of loved. Stupid shit is subject to gravity in a relationship where love is involved, not so much with like, it is celebrated. I find judgement to be the crutches of the daft, advertising insulting, & children hilarious. People have no moral code for the most part, everything done or not done is due to the severity of the consequence. Never let another’s ignorance disappoint you, let it educate & amuse you. Life is too short for revenge but there’s plenty of time to defend yourself. When you defend yourself or at war with any other person or people, destroy completely and absolutely. Never give someone who’s violated you or has done something upsetting to the universe to you a chance to see another day with any of their faculties in whatever arena you shall meet. They will always mistake your kindness and empathy for weakness every single time. With that said, your energy is attractive. You bring in what you are, not what you desire. Goodnight I’m missing the game.
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