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PlatinumVoice PR Music- Should we grant a pass or Deny it?

Should we Grant Access or Deny it?
Location: Toronnto, Ontario, Canada
 K-Fresh is a very versatyle artist that can bring out the best in club music, radio friendly and concsious rap music. It is music that you will be guranteed to enjoy.
Biography: The task of any great artist/musician is to entertain the masses through an infectious, addictive sound of good quality music and lyrics that stimulate more than the ears. Twenty-eight year old, Toronto native, Kevin “K-Fresh” Smith, formally known as “Nem-s-iss” is returning to the music scene after a short hiatus after taking care of his late father. Working closely with many of Toronto’s elite producers, K-Fresh has generated a distinct sound & style that allows him to stand out amongst the rest. With four street albums and three successfully received mix-tapes under his belt, he is no stranger to the music game; and he’s ready to take it to another level. As an artist, K-Fresh is versatile and “un-classifiable”. Success, progress, pain, growth, respect, loyalty and independence are all dominant themes which stand out in his music. Being in a city where many artists are fighting to make a way to the top of the urban music ladder, K-Fresh has a keen understanding of how important it is to keep fans engaged, entertained and impacted. His 8th independent release, the “R.A.P.P” album is mastered and ready for release early 2013. His followers are already riding off the current single TELL DJ KHALED. The follow up EP, RADIOGENIC is also in the works of being finished with no permanent release date set. While preparing for both, he is heavily involved in all marketing and promotion aspects of himself as an artist. During his younger years, K-Fresh was introduced to the sounds of jazz, blues, reggae, calypso and R&B. Being exposed to different genres have played a major role in the creativity he brings forward in his music, while still remaining true to his passion for the hip hop culture. While on his way to New York City a few years ago to shop his music to major record labels, he survived a potentially fatal car crash in Buffalo, New York. Although he did not make it to any record labels, he used that experience as motivation to continuing pursuing a music career. “I will go back, for sure. I believe that was a test to see how much I really want this and if I am willing to continue pushing forward after an experience like that one”, he says. K-Fresh started his own independent group/ label, Real Life on Wax Music (R-Low Music) and is credited for discovering the newest artist under the label, Baby Ghryme. K-Fresh personifies the term and physical essence of “street life”, however “one thing with his music is that he never wants to be classified as just a street rapper” and as a man of the music, he is aware that the industry consists of 10% art and 90% business. With that in mind, he continues to involve himself in every facet of the music industry as he can in order to stay ahead of the game. Due to circumstances un-foreseen, K-Fresh had the opportunity to look at the bigger picture from outside the box. So with a renewed sense of ambition & determination, he’s back with a vengeance.
Press Release:
K-FRESH is set to release “RADIOGENIC” which is a EP full of potential radio hits such as the lead single “One Girl’. This will be the 9th solo effort from the independent Toronto rap artist. His move towards making mainstream music is a fierce one. K-Fresh is a very humble individual that can turn up the volume at any given time. He is great at smooth relaxing sounds and can also give you the respected energy needed to get the club jumping. K-Fresh is ready for the world.

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