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It’s Your Gyrl, Ms. Carmen aka Platinum Voice PR bringing some celebrity news to you! While searching the internet, this story was very shocking and disappointing to me. One of my favorite artist, King Louie, is being sued allegedly for setting up a fight for publicity purposes. Read on about this story reported on BET’s website;

 King Louie

Chicago’s King Louie was implicated in arranging a videotaped fight over stolen sunglasses for publicity and “economic gain,” reports HipHopDX.com.

According to documents posted on Court House News, Jazmine Berry filed suit in the Illinois Cook County Courthouse alleging King L (birth name Louis Johnson) invited her to his Chi-Town home for a pre-planned ambush, which he then recorded. Berry claims her attacker, Josephine Conley, was in on the plan.

Further detailing the events, Berry said she was asked over for breakfast in June. After a “brief social conversation,” Louie “suggested everyone go to the back porch,” where Conley later showed up and accused Berry of stealing his Marc Jacobs glasses.

Prior to the incident, Berry said, she had never met Conley, who “began to viciously attack” her while others laughed. “During the attack, defendant Johnson and the unidentified individuals laughed at Ms. Berry and referenced ‘DJ Nate,’ another musician who had been the subject of a beating video,” the complaint reads. “Ms. Berry pleaded with defendant Johnson, asking him why he was doing this to her. Defendant Johnson continued filming the attack and continued laughing.”

Louie and an “unidentified individual” filmed the brawl from “two separate recording devices” with the goal of using the video as a marketing ploy, Berry asserts.

Police were never called to the scene.

The footage, which grabbed less than 10,000 page views, was posted on YouTube under the title “#MarcJacobsBandit Gets Caught Lacking” and promoted on Twitter in the weeks before his Jeep Music mixtape release.

Berry is also suing Conley and seeks $1 million for damages, battery, conspiracy and emotional distress. Louie’s label, Epic Records, was not named in the suit.

View the horrific fight that was filmed;

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