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What is wrong with the music industry?


Hey all! Check out this amazingly accurate and insightful article by fellow blogger rdstreets on Hubpages. This article points out a number of problems that are facing the music industry and music fans in this modern age. More original Payola content to come soon 🙂

The original article is by rdstreets on Hubpages, and can be reached by the link below.


You know what? I miss my vinyl records.

I miss going to the record store (a real community experience) and buying an LP for $10-$15. I miss the larger sleeves with the cover art and the inside liner notes which told you who wrote what and who played on which track.

The last time this reality was in full form was the late 80s (perhaps early 90s). And since that time a number of changes occurred which created the mess the music business is in today (most…

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