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Tasha Makes It Clear She Isn’t Scared Of Tami, Or Anyone! ‘Basketball Wives’ [RECAP]


On last night’s episode of “Basketball Wives,” Tasha’s “head butt” comments were still lingering in the air and it bothered Ev so much so she had to excuse herself from their girls dinner, to release a couple of tears. Seriously, what was Tasha thinking? Domestic violence is NEVER funny and neither is her whole chef situation. Obviously, Ev wasn’t too fond of Tasha at that moment and Suzie either for that matter, so the group spent most of the episode trying to figure out where their friendship lied. Meanwhile, Tasha was preparing for the grand opening of her weave bar and her big birthday bash which actually caused more drama than it should have.

Find out what happened below.

Domestic Violence Is Never Funny

PicMonsdkey Collage

We all know that domestic violence is a touchy subject and is especially nothing to poke fun at. Even though Tasha and Suzie said…

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