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PREMIERE: @RKelly – #Cookie

Correct us if we’re wrong, but we can’t think of a modern R&B artist who has come up with more inventive and outrageous metaphors for having sex with women than R. Kelly. (Remember ‘You Remind Me Of Something’ and ‘Ignition?’) Now Kellz likens his sexual appetite to an insatiable sweet tooth in the new song ‘Cookie.’

On ‘Cookie’ Kelly takes the familiar topic of love-making and gets all the way turnt up with Auto-Tuned freaky tales of his own oral fixation over a frenetic, high-hat heavy, trap beat. Ladies he is a “Cookie Monster,” you are his Oreo, and he is intent on licking the cream filling. How do you like that?


In fact for this Boombox/ Drop.fm joint premiere, R. Kelly’s not just giving you a sweet song but also one lucky contest winner will receive a signed copy of his new CD ‘Black Panties’ and a gift basket of actual cookies.

Enter the giveaway contest here and maybe every time you walk into a bakery it’ll remind you of one Robert Kelly.

Contest ends on Nov. 4 at 11:59PM ET.

‘Black Panties’ is coming soon. No pun intended whatsoever.





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