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How To Get A Big Ol’ Booty Without Surgery Or Injections

The Rickey Smiley Morning Show


According to, there is a new trend in Hollyweird that has women using a substance to increase the size of their hind parts. This technique doesn?t involve surgery, or implants or injections of cement and fix-a-flat or chauking of any kind.

They are supposedly using a substance called ?maca root powder? to get big bodacious bottoms and the reviews are mixed as to if it works. The substance distributors also claim it enhances other areas of the body as well.

Look we don?t know if any of these things work or even if people need to be worried about making their bodies bigger in areas that nature didn?t intend for them to be. But we will say this?if lunges and squats at the gym won?t do it..then maybe folks should reconsider attempting this at all. People are actually out here losing their lives over having a…

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