Platinum Artist of the Month

Meet and Listen to #Paranoid by @ItsKamillion aka Alja Ka’Million!

Hey Y’all!

It’s Your Gyrl, Ms. Carmen aka Platinum Voice PR bringing another Platinum Artist to you!  I had the pleasure of meeting Alja at the Core DJs Retreat in Atlanta. I’m going to say her performance was mouth-dropping good! She kept the audience captivated with her lyrics and sexy gyrations! I can talk about her, but I’d like for you to get to know, Ms. Alja Ka’Million. Enjoy!

Photo: Alja Kamillion aka KAMILLION wrote Several songs for you FAVORITE artist (Rihanna, Mindless Behavior, Trey Songz, Missy Elliot, & MORE) now its her turn .. performing LIVE in Milwaukee on March 10th, Austin March 15th, & The Core DJ's Conference May 3rd)

Known as the  “Boss Bitch”, Alja Ka’Million is blazing the trail for the next generation of Hip Hop female rappers. Her raw image and racy lyrics put her in a class all by herself. She has worked with some of the industry’s biggest names such as: Missy Elliott, Polow da Don, Dr. Dre, Dirty Money, Rick Ross and Trey Songz.

A Jacksonville native, Alja Ka’Million admits growing up in the community of “Pearlworld” wasn’t always a walk in the park. She said some of her peers often started fights with her simply because she was different and attractive. Even as a child, Alja Ka’Million recognized the special gift that she possessed and she refused to allow her haters to keep her from developing her God-given talents.

Her big break came when she was invited to collaborate, as a songwriter, with Grammy award-winning artist and philanthropist Usher Raymond for Esmee Denters, a new artist signed to the Justin Timberlake’s label. This opportunity paved the way for Alja Ka’Million to develop relationships with producers and other professionals in the business.

Her edgy lyrics and hard beats were recognized by Interscope chairman and producer, Jimmy Iovine who invited Alja Ka’Million to write for the Pussy Cat Dolls. While working on this project in Los Angeles, she was offered a record contract.

Alja Ka’Million thought she had arrived. She was well on her way to realizing her dream or at least that what she thought. Industry politics caused her to step away from the label, business,  and re-evaluate her future.

After a brief hiatus, Alja Ka’Million decided to boss up and give the music business another chance. She was called upon to put her songwriting talents to the test. She found herself writing for R & B superstar, Rihanna on her latest album entitles, “Talk That Talk”.

Alja Ka’Million was back and not a minute to late; she was recently picked up by  Indie label Rippahouse Records. Her new project “Boss Bitch Presence” is a mixtape/album showcasing her  versatile talents as a rapper and singer. Her first single featuring Future entitled, “Mr. Moneybags” is an anthem that is ringing throughout clubs in the Southeast.


Alja Ka’Million’s sound is one that she refers to as Trap-N-B. It’s a collaboration of hard south 808 heavy bass gritty production and R&B. The content is urban, raw, edgy and bossy. The B stands for the R&B of Alja’s unique sound. Her sexy ballads showcases her singing skills as well. Her lyrics birthed from real life experiences and struggles growing into a self-made independent woman. Her desire is to write music that people can relate to while entertaining the masses.

Alja Ka’Million finds her real strength and inspiration from those who love her most, her family. Her mother, grandmother along with her four brothers and two sisters are her biggest supporters. Alja Ka’Million prefers to keep her relationship status private and currently lives in the Atlanta area.

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Now I invite you to listen to :
(The Mixtape)

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