Platinum DJ of The Month

Meet the #Platinum DJ of the Month-@DJTruStar414,The Runway DJ

Hey Y’all!

It’s Your Gyrl, Ms. Carmen aka Platinum Voice PR bringing another Platinum DJ to you! It wouldn’t be right, if I didn’t recognize one of my One Structure crew members. I must say this lady has such a humble spirit and she’s cute! Get to know @DJTruStar, The Runway DJ!

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DJ Tru Star began her love of music at a young age. Growing up she was always around music, because her father was a Dj and his passion for music eventually influenced DJ Tru Star to become a DJ also. Her love for music also started when her grandmother use to listen to blues on a Saturday morning, she would sing every song. DJ Tru Star eventually turned her love of music into more.

At the age of three she fell in love with African Dance and that was the start of her dancing career.” After I realized that I couldn’t sing I decided that the next best thing for me to do was dance.” So from middle school to high school her passion for dancing grew stronger. Upon entering high school at Milwaukee High School of the Arts; she faced a whole different world of not only dance but music. “Entering high school was when I realized how much music was out there and how much I loved it. All through high school I was known as the girl who would finish your statement with a song, because everything reminded me of song lyrics.”

After graduating from high school DJ Tru Star put her energy into learning more about music and surrounding her self with musical talents. “I secretively wanted to always be a DJ because my dad was a DJ and he is amazing to me because even though he is legally blind, he didn’t let that stop him from becoming a Dj. Seeing my dad control a party and have everybody up dancing gave me the inspiration to want to be able to do the same.” DJ Tru Star finally at the age of 22 decided to put her fear behind her and go after her dream, even though she knew it would be hard because she was a female. With in a year DJ Tru Star has accomplished a lot as well as made a name for her self in the streets as DJ Tru Star “The Runway DJ.”

DJ Tru Star has worked with some of Milwaukee’s well known DJ’s and being the first female DJ to rock the crowd at some of the top clubs in Milwaukee. DJ Tru Star has branched out to many other states and cities including Madison, Iowa, and Racine.
“One of my biggest accomplishments I would have to say is working with one of the best producer in the world Traxx Sanders of Trakrunnaz Music Production/ The Bad Guyz. Also I’m  blessed to be mentored by two of the best DJs hands down DJ O and DJ Stretch. They keep me motivated and eager to keep up with their talents.”

DJ Tru Star admits being a female DJ has its ups and downs, but she wouldn’t trade it for the world! DJ Tru star Has been working hard as a DJ as well as an aspiring model. Her goal is to show that “Yes a girl can rock the runway and then go and rock the after party in the same 4 inch heels as a DJ and look good doing it. ” When asked what will she bring to the DJ game, she said “I’m 6’3 and I love heels and fashion along with music I want to bring the sexy to the DJ game by being me and bring a girl flavor to the mix, I want to be known as; the Beyonce of the DJ and modeling game lol.”

Make sure You look out for Dj Tru Star “The Runway Dj” in your local clubs and hosting and mixing your favorite artist mix tapes. She has certainly made it clear she is here to stay!

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Instagram: DJ Tru Star 154727_10150326083410251_452311_n


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