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@KRYTYKAL to Deliver Banger Mixtape to the Masses

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Krytykal to Deliver Banger Mixtape to the Masses:
Acclaimed rapper, Krytykal has captured the attention of the Hip Hop industry throughout the US and is now emerging in the UK. After numerous collaborations and releases, Krytykal drops his debut single “Best Time of My Life”. The title says it all but after listening to the single, it’s evident that Krytykal went outside of his element and created a crossover record.
Although “Best Time of My Life” is exclusively released in the UK, the tremendous feedback anticipates great success for the single in the US. The UK based website “” strongly supports the single with over 26,000+ plays and numerous votes. In the meantime, Krytykal is hard at work in the US.
The young, aspiring rapper sets out to accomplish his mixtape and focuses on promotion. Krytykal reassures his fans that they’re in for a treat. The mixtape will feature some of Krytykal’s recent tracks such as: “Super Star” featuring 2 Pistols & Complex, “That’s what I do” & “What up Dough”. A few months ago New York’s top mixtape DJ & radio personality DJ Envy picked up the “That’s what I do” track and DJ Steel premiered it on Hip Hop Nation Sirius XM.
There’ll be a lot of surprise tracks on the mixtape, but Krytykal urges his fans to be on the lookout for “So What If I”, “I Ain’t Playing” & “Put the Paint on The Wall”. Krytykal definitely switched it up on the “I Ain’t Playing” track. If the track had to be broken down into one word, it would be “Banger”! So what if it’s a banger? That’s the attitude Krytykal expresses on the “So What If I” track. Going to the club to have a good time is mandatory for a “Super Star” rapper; with that said, Krytykal didn’t miss a beat on the ‘Put the Paint on the Wall” track.
Krytykal is the next to blow and his rapidly growing fanbase can attest to that. Krytykal’s music has been reaching out to a supportive audience via Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and other social media sites. If you’re a true Hip Hop supporter, Krytykal is the raw talent to look out for.

Krytykal is currently working on his second mixtape and below are links to Krytykal’s music & videos.

Krytykal – What I Do Official Music Video:

Krytykal – Best Time of My Life:

Krytykal – What Up Dough



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