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The 16 Type Of People We Hate On Social Media


Social Media has given people a platform to over express and over expose themselves in the most annoying ways possible. Between Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Vine , there is an abundance of over sharers who think way too highly of themselves and subject their followers to the most unnecessary and most obnoxious posts. Like the girl who gushes over her new engagement or the guy or gal who posts pics of themselves in their underclothes with the caption “Check out my new headphones.”

We’ve all been subjected to it and think about pulling out our hair when it happens. We must admit, even though we mostly hate these personalities on social media, we love poking fun at them.

Check out our reactions to these 16 social media behaviors:

The People Who Post Pictures Of Their Kids Like We Care

wendy wiliamsThe People Who Post Half Naked Pics For Likes

punch gifThe People…

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