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Chris Brown Will Remain In Jail Until At Least June

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Wow! They really are not playing around with Breezy any more are they?! According to TMZ, Chris Brown?s latest attempt at getting out of jail was denied!

Brown has been in jail since getting kicked out of his rehab facility in March and his trial in DC was supposed to start today however it has now been postponed until June! So the Brown lawyers asked that the judge in the Rihanna case release Chris until the new trial date commenced. But the judge apparently was having none of it!

So now, Chris will have to take that long trip via Con Air back to L.A. and sit in his cell there until the DC court is ready for him again. Then he?ll make that 4 or 5 day trek back to DC to stand trial. 

The stakes are high because if Brown is convicted in D.C. then the…

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One thought on “Chris Brown Will Remain In Jail Until At Least June

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