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Which 2 Real Housewives Of Atlanta Won’t Be Returning?

The Rickey Smiley Morning Show


We sure do hope this is a wild rumor?no seriously we hope this is wrongity wrong! Because our friends over at Eben Gregoryare reporting that only four Real Housewives Of Atlanta cast members got contracts this week. Well, considering there used to be six housewives holding peaches? this poses a problem! Ultimately it would mean that two of the women got the axe!

It is rumored that the ladies that got contracts were; NeNe, Kandi, Phaedra?.and Twirl. Yes, the word on the street is that Queen Coo-Coo Kenya got her way and Porsha?s contract was not renewed?nor was everyone?s BFF Cynthia Bailey?s contract renewed!

We are having a hard time believing this one simply because most of the public as well as the housewives themselves seemed to be on Porsha?s side. Not to mention that Cynthia brought a fly balance to some of the most ratchet of the ratchet.


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