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Could Solange Knowles Be Arrested For What She Did To Jay Z?

The Rickey Smiley Morning Show

Solange These days, the police can arrest people and bring them to trial even if no one presses charges, so many are wondering if the videotape of Solange  beating on Jay Z is enough to warrant her arrest.

Though Jay Z and Solange have apparently made up, even releasing a statement to the media to prove they’ve buried the hatchet, the younger Knowles sibling could still be arrested.

The Manhattan police are “thinking of charging her on attempted assault,” Wendy Williams reported last week. “This was a violent attack by a woman who clearly wanted to do damage. She came at him with a metal purse and tried to kick him in the jewels.”

Wendy pointed out that actor Alec Baldwin was recently arrested in New York for riding his bicycle the wrong direction in traffic. If a White male is cuffed and detained for such a minor infraction, what is…

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