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“Welcome to Cache Talks..” by @CashMillian


“Welcome to Cache Talks..”


What’s Cache Talks..?

Cache Talks..brings your visions to life, a blog dedicated to new artist. Giving them an additional platform closer to their dreams, reaching driven results in the industry. Are you next? 

We may be stopping to a city nearest you…

“Music Captures your soul and takes it on a Powerful Roller Coaster”
– Cache C.   

Buckle Up…

First Stop

Phoenix,AZ.  also known as “The Valley of the Sun”

  Phoenix Music scene is ready to nut up and show out by showing us exactly how hot it really is! I define it as “It’s getting hot in here so take off all your clothes” (my Nelly voice). Luckily, no one is taking off their clothes but to these New Artist, they’re giving it ALL to us, just to show who is really putting AZ on the map.


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