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WHOA, @RichHomieQuan Slaps Fan In Racine Wisconsin!

Rich Homie Quan felt the need to use violence against a fan who attempted to get a little too close to the action on stage. According to reports, Rich Homie Quan slapped a fan during his concert at a club in Racine, Wisconsin.

Rich Homie Quan thought the fan wanted to shake his hand. However, the fan apparently tried to grab Rich Homie Quan’s arm and pull himself up on stage. Rich Homie Quan became upset with the fan and yelled in the mic, “You’ll get your b— a– slapped!”

The fan came closer to the stage and Rich Homie Quan slapped him across the face as the entire crowd watched. Rich Homie Quan continued to perform and the fan didn’t retaliate in any manner.

The morning after the concert, Rich Homie Quan tweeted about the incident and suggested that he didn’t need help from a body guard or crew. “To set the record no body saved me. I slapped that n— by myself. I do salute Chiraq for having my back….”

The fan involved in the incident has yet to respond on social media.

Watch footage below:

Before the slap……



and the slap:


View what the others are saying about this unknown person getting the  “Ish” slapped out cha face!



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