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Nikko FINALLY comes Clean about His Marriage!

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Nikko became one of the biggest bad guys on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” this past season thanks to allegations that he leaked his sex tape with Mimi Faust, and the revelation that he was already married to another woman while with Faust. Although Nikko vehemently claimed that he never lied to Faust about his marriage, he now admits that he waited too late to tell her that he was already taken.

In a new interview with Vlad TV, Nikko says that he failed to tell Faust about his marriage because of her longstanding relationship dramas with Stevie J.

“I think I might have prolonged it too long in telling her that I was married,” he said.

“Because of me and Mimi’s backstory, it was hard for me to tell her … because she was going through so much drama and issues with the Stevie J situation,” Nikko said.

Nikko says that he felt justified in dating Faust because his wife was dating another man at the time he joined the cast as Faust’s boyfriend during season 2.

“I was single and free, but we still had obligations together,” said Nikko, who is still married.

As previously reported, Faust knew of Nikko’s estranged wife, but didn’t know they were still together. She instead thought that they were just exes, something which Nikko never clarified until this year when his marriage was exposed through a blog.

Although Nikko admits he waited too long to tell Faust, who eventually dumped him over the drama, he says that he’s not the bad guy the world thinks he is.

“I’m looked at as the bad guy. I’m looked at as the male chauvinist and everything else that everybody’s putting on me. At the same time, they don’t understand our back story. They don’t understand our private conversations. Mimi knows who I am; she knows who I am,” said Nikko. “She knows what I stand for. She knows what it is.”

Although Nikko and Faust aren’t together anymore, he claims that he and Faust still have an “understanding.”

“I want the best for her; we got an understanding together,” said Nikko.

Well considering how much lying went on in their relationship, we have a hard time believing that Nikko wanted what was best for Faust or her image.

Source- Rolling Out

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