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Three bargains by tania malik

Three Bargains

By Tania Malik

When his father commits an unpardonable crime, young Madan strikes a bargain with powerful businessman Avtaar for safety. Soon he’s embroiled in a world of danger that shapes his adulthood. Fans ofThe Kite Runner will cherish this stunning novel about the bond between fathers and sons.


Originally: $22.73

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Deal ends: October 14
Category: Literary Fiction


The strange year of vanessa m by filipa fonseca silva

The Strange Year of Vanessa M.

By Filipa Fonseca Silva

What happens when we start to question our lives? As Vanessa sets off on a year-long journey full of great change and self-discovery, she sees a new side of her friends, her family, and herself.


Originally: $3.99

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Deal ends: October 10
Category: Women’s Fiction


Trusting life by gina lake

Trusting Life

By Gina Lake

What keeps us from finding peace, and how do we overcome the obstacles in its path? Learn how to be in the moment, eradicate fear, and embrace true happiness with this essential guide to living the best life possible.


Originally: $3.99

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Deal ends: October 19
Category: Advice and How-To


Sharing you by molly mcadams

Sharing You

By Molly McAdams

From a New York Times bestselling author comes a heartrending romance with over 1,200 five-star ratings on Goodreads. When Kamryn meets Brody, she can’t deny their mutual attraction. But there’s something about Brody that makes him off-limits, and may ruin any chance of their future together.


Originally: $4.99

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Deal ends: October 13
Category: New Adult and College Romance


Seducing the playboy by amanda usen

Seducing the Playboy

By Amanda Usen

Pastry chef Jenna has had a crush on playboy Roman since she was a child — and now nothing will stop her from getting what she wants. Roman knows that his new employee should be off-limits, but how can he resist her delicious charms?


Originally: $3.79

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Deal ends: October 19
Category: Erotic Romance


The war of the roses by warren adler

The War of the Roses

By Warren Adler

Jonathan and Barbara Rose seem like the perfect couple from the outside — but under the surface lies resentment that’s about to boil over, engulfing everything they hold dear. A dark look at marriage that inspired the hit movie starring Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner. “A very, very funny novel” (New York Daily News).


Originally: $9.99

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Deal ends: October 15
Categories: Bestsellers, Literary Fiction



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