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[Platinum Feature] Chicago’s own @7Cree

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It’s Your Gyrl, Ms. Carmen aka Platinum Voice PR bringing another Platinum Featured Artist to you! Be  on the lookout for this Chicago artist, 7Cree. His new single, “Thriller is bound to send chills to your ear canals. Read about @7Cree and make sure you connect with him on all social media sites. Support Indie!








Chris Marshall, better known as his stage name 7Cree is a young, black, ambitious upcoming, unsigned rapper from Chicago, IL. Raised on the Eastside in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Chicago, the Jeffery Manor, a young 7Cree was introduced to violence, death, and poverty at an early age. At 12, 7Cree lost his young cousin Donesha Harris to gun violence in Chicago. Her death was one of the hardest trials for him and his family; she was young 22 years old and was the mother of 7Cree’s 1 year old nephew.

However, Cree learned to take the negative energy he saw and felt and transform it into poetry at the age of 13 also, he started performing at local talent shows and just entertaining friends and family became an emotional release for the young artist.

7Cree pro 2


After recording his first 3 songs in a house studio on the east-side of Chicago, Cree discovered his talent with taking poetry, his problems, and experiences and turning them into original rap songs. At 16, 7Cree at the time known as, Millie Styles became a locally known young lyricist in the underground Chicago rap scene. Early 2007 a curious 7Cree wanting to learn everything about studios and recording music took production classes and music theory classes to increase his knowledge of music. 7Cree continued to study the industry, other artist, and how to write songs. He quickly put together a group of artist of close friends and started to create mix tapes and record videos. The music was distributed to local high schools and community colleges. Soon 7Cree was performing shows with a crowd that knew or heard of him. Financial problems had soon struck 7Cree and his family. His mother struggled to raise him and his 3 brothers by herself. When things got real bad for him and his family 7Cree made a wrong turn to the streets for help. He quickly found out that the streets was no place for a young talented and gifted man, and found other ways using his talent to provide and assist his family. He started to make beats and compose a lot of production work. 7Cree stood outside of shows and events selling his music and trying to get more fans. With his new-found hustle he discovered that no matter what, music would always be one thing he would never give up on.

7cree 2

Becoming a bigger artist was no longer just a dream to Cree but a mission, his destiny. 7Cree has performed for high school pep rallies, club events, local parties in Chicago, talents shows, and local underground rap shows. He was rewarded by SAE College in a production contest where producers battled each other by making beats in 2 minutes. 7Cree only continued studying the industry and writing songs. He now is at a point of no return. He is now working towards completing his goals and dreams. Currently he is working on projects with different producers from Chicago and the UK including D Brooks, Aye-KO, and Relta of the UK, ChaseNDough, and more. He released a mix tape of 17 songs early 2014 titled “Nothin Major” which got 7Cree a lot of exposure and attention. All the new songs he’s been writing and recording are straight from his poetry book and experiences. He says that the songs he plans to release in the future will be the type of music that will keep him alive forever. 7Cree is one artist that will give birth to a new element of music out of Chicago. Be on the look out for more music and videos from this powerful developing artist.











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