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4 Compelling Ebola Conspiracy Theories [ORIGINAL]

The Rickey Smiley Morning Show

Liberia Races To Expand Ebola Treatment Facilities, As U.S. Troops Arrive John Moore/Getty Images News

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The extent to which some people distrust the government is not necessarily unwarranted, given the United States’ history of meddling both globally and domestically, often at the expense of mass amounts of people of color.  So naturally, whenever a major event occurs and dominates the attention of media, the conspiracy theories arise quickly and bubble beneath the mainstream media surface. The recent Ebola outbreak is no exception. Check out these four compelling conspiracy theories that have surfaced.

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1. Ebola was developed as a instrument of population control. Chris Brown said it, but we were all thinking it. The R&B singer stated via Twitter, “I don’t know… but I think Ebola is a form of population control. Sh*t is crazy though.” He quickly followed that tweet up…

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