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President Obama Trolls Heckler To Perfection [VIDEO]

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While in his hometown of Chicago, President Barack Obama decided to cast his 2014 midterm votes a little early. And although “Chiraq” has had its fair share of issues and/or conflicts, we’d never expect the Commander in Chief to face anything peculiar, right?

Well, it doesn’t look like that was the case on this particular day. While behind the voters booth, a man by the name of Mike Jones — no pun intended — walked by and warned the president, “Don’t touch my girlfriend,” who happened to be standing directly next to the POTUS in another booth. In a very calm, monotone voice, President Obama responded, “You know, I wasn’t planning on it.” The room began to erupt in laughter, which continued for a few good minutes. It seems like Mike didn’t really know who he decided to step in the ring with, as the first lady’s husband began to…

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