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Author Shows Compelling Connection: Companies that Promote Violent Music Also Own Private Prisons

Incarcerated Flavors


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When you listen to hip-hop music on the radio, you are likely to hear a message that promotes criminal behavior.  The artist might glorify a life of selling drugs, then talk about doing drugs.  After that, he might talk about robbing, killing and quite a few other things that can land a young person in prison.  Young black kids idolize hip-hop artists, who are often the only black media figures that they see besides athletes.

By the time some of these lost youth hit their teenage years, they may have been taken in by the culture.  The boys are sagging their pants, maybe where corn rows like their favorite artist.  Their slang matches and changes with the artists on the radio, and some of them even carry weapons or sell drugs just like their idols.  Pretty soon, many of them are carted off to prison.

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