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WTF! School District to Pay $139 Million to Kids Forced to Eat Teacher’s Semen Cookies

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In 2012, Mark Berndt, had been a teacher in the Los Angeles Unified School District for 30 years.

It was that same year that a 19-year-old photo clerk alerted authorities after she saw ‘bondage-style’ photos of blindfolded kids.

After an investigation, police uncovered a ‘history of “odd behavior” spanning across Berndt’s 30-year career. They also found a cache of nearly 800 photos showing blindfolded children eating cookies made with semen, eating semen from a spoon, and letting roaches crawl on them.

There were dozens of complaints from victims over the years that were ignored by the district, according to lawyers for the 81 child victims.

“There were so many things along the way that were signs,” [plaintiffs’ lawyer John] Manly said, including photographs a parent brought to the head of the school in 2008 of a child eating a cookie covered in white slime.

“This is wrong, do something about…

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