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Nipsey Hussle Is Selling His New Project For $1000 + “50 Ni**az” [MUSIC]

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Just when you thought it sounded crazy for Nipsey Hussle to sell his mixtape ‘Crenshaw‘ for $100, the LA MC has just upped the ante. In a letter to Rap Radar, Hussle explained why his new album ‘Mailbox Money‘ will be going for $1000!

You read that right, $1000! Here’s what the West Side Crip had to say:

Ain’t no money like Mailbox Money. This project is about ownership. It’s about archiving what I set out to achive. In my first single “Hussle In The house” I said, “fresh of the bloc I sold dope to buy groceries/now it’s rap money no advances all royalties”.  This project is about seeing that vision thru. 

It will be released for free, on iTunes and via the Proud2Pay platform we built with the release of Crenshaw. There will only be 100 hard copy’s and they are $1000 dollars each. …

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