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Darren Wilson’s Grand Jury Key Witness Fabricates Her Testimony

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darren wilson

A star witness in the grand jury case involving former Ferguson, Mo police officer Darren Wilson has been revealed to be a racist suffering from mental illness with a criminal past. Sandra McElroy known as ?Witness 40? has been a crucial part of Wilson?s claims surrounding the altercation between himself and Michael Brown. McElroy?s accounts of the events on Aug. 9, closely mirrored the ex-cop who shot and killed an unarmed Brown. TheSmoking Gun is reporting McElroy?s story became very suspicious, due to her statement to the St. Louis police department being given on Sept. 11 and again to the Justice Department prosecutors on Oct. 22. McElroy?s statements were taken after Wilson?s account of shooting were made public.

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McElroy told police she saw the shooting take place while she was smoking a cigarette on the sidewalk. According to TSG?s reports however…

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