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SUNDAY PAPER: Janet Jackson Takes In Jackson 5 Concert For New Year’s Eve; Nelly Mourns Grandmother & More


Janet Jackson went out to support her big brothers for New Year’s Eve when the Jackson 5 had a show in Dubai!

The singer decided to take in a show as she rang in 2015, and she headed out for a concert that featured Chaka Khan and The Jackson 5. “I Will Survive” siren Gloria Gaynor also hit the stage that night.

The remaining members of the Jackson 5 performed a set, featuring their biggest hits like “ABC” and “I’ll Be There.” The guys even did a tribute to their late brother, Michael Jackson, by doing a couple of his songs: “Rock With You” and “I’ll Be There.” While we’re sure the audience would have loved to see Janet join them during their set, she remained perched in her chair, which looked an awful lot like a throne.

Nelly Mourns Grandmother

Nelly paid loving tribute to his grandmother on Instagram…

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