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This 2-Year-Old Is The World’s Youngest DJ And He’s Actually Dope! [VIDEO]

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This 2-year old can’t ride in a car without a car seat, but he can rock a party without any assistance. DJ Arch Jnr is a 2-year-old South African DJ, according to his Facebook page. But the 2-year-old’s skills behind the tables will amaze you. And that might even be an understatement. He’s keeping a beat and rocking the house, looking more focused than club DJs while he’s at it. And you can tell he’s enjoying it, loving every minute of the party-rocking.

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“AJ is the youngest African DJ who has passion for music at an early stage of his life, being only 2 years old, he certainly knows what he is doing,” his YouTube page says.

After watching the kid in action, it’s hard to doubt him. Just look at his natural ability. I mean, he’s two-years-old! Two! Most two-year…

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