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8 Times Taraji P. Henson Played Cookie Before ‘Empire’ Even Existed

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Taraji P. Henson Jason LaVeris/ Getty

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Speaking objectively, Empire is the kind of hit that FOX  hasn’t seen in quite a while. Ratings are climbing every single week as the story of a hip-hop dynasty unfolds before our eyes. Some reports say it may even end its first season run as the most watched drama on television.

Beyond the general setting, hip-hop focus,  approaches to homosexuality and the family dynamic’s relationship with the music business, the main hooking quality of Empire is undoubtedly its actors. Never mind that the Lyon family are a nuanced and intriguing African-American family, the likes of which aren’t seen on cable TV often, but the undeniable breakout star of Empire thus far has to be Cookie, played by hard-working actress Taraji P. Henson. 

Henson’s career has bounced back and forth between television and film since the late 90s, and she’s remained a…

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