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Hole Things- “TRAP PARTY”|@BlacDropEnt

Hole Things  -“Trap Party”

Pittsburgh Pa rapper, Marlo Greenlee is better known by his stage name Hole Things. Legends like Jay-Z, Rakim, and Michael Jackson inspired him to become a musician.  Performing freestyle battles, features, and hip-hop shows facilitated in creating a name for himself.

Eventually, finding a studio home in Atlanta’s hip hop community proved to be quite a challenge. Besides that, Hole Things studied the art of music in various studios around the United States because this deemed necessary. Over time, he would develop a style that combines the wordplay of the East Coast and the catchy hooks from the South.

Several years were stripped from his life when a run-in with the law sidelined his first deal and sent him to prison.  Shortly after his release, Hole Things regained his confidence by focusing on a new mindset and being determined to take back his spot.

“The more you look… you’ll begin to see the true quality of a star”.

Now that his new single “Trap Party” produced by Taz Taylor Beats is streaming on Spotify and Apple Music, proves that this is all he needed to separate himself from his peers.

Humbly, Hole Things describes himself as a diamond in the rough. After the buffing and  polishing process ends, you’ll begin to see the many facets of him – Hole Things.




Jay Lavita
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[World Premiere] @JayLavita- “Put You On” ft @FredTheGodson

Starr Media Group’s R&B Prince, Jay Lavita presents video to the single “Put You On”

After writing and singing for other artists, R&B sensation, Jay Lavita penned a chart-busting hit for himself featuring hip-hop lyricist, Fred The Godson. The two collaborated on the dance hit, “Put You On” produced by Digital Beatz. The single is from a forthcoming untitled album and marks his first effort as an R&B artist featuring all-new material with rappers like Maino and Manolo Rose.

This kid has something different and we’re going to give him the exposure he needs to take this game over” ~ Dre, C.E.O. Starr Media Group

“Put You On ” was directed by the most sought after directors in the business, Jay Rodriguez & Rock Davis of Itchy House Films. The dynamic duo has captured such high-profile subjects as Naughty by Nature, Queen Latifah, Sean Combs, just to name a few. The video is filled with eye-catching moments including the steamy shower scene with Jay and his leading lady.

Follow Jay on Twitter: @JayLavita

Media/Press inquires: Ms. Carmen 877-333-9940 ext.3

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Rumor Control: Pastor Troy Confirms Whether Or Not He Was Dating Minnie From ‘Little Women ATL’

Was Minnie P. Troy’s petite bae???

Pastor Troy Responds To Rumors He Dated Minnie From “Little Women ATL”

If you’ve been watching Lifetime’s Little Women: ATL then you’ve surely heard about “Mama Bear” Minnie whose been adamant that she has a rapper boyfriend in ATL.

According to the 4’3 starlet she and Pastor Troy dated for about 8 months even though her mother and her friends never met nor spotted them together.

Pastor Troy himself has taken to Instagram to speak on the dating claims and joked that he and Minnie broke up because “she has a short fuse.”

Instagram Photo

He also added this video about being dumped on Lifetime.

Instagram Photo

What do YOU think about Pastor Troy and Minnie dating???

Source: Rumor Control: Pastor Troy Confirms Whether Or Not He Was Dating Minnie From ‘Little Women ATL’

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Ice Cube Hints At Bringing Out N.W.A. & West Side Connection At Coachella



 Ice Cube has been confirmed as a performer at this year’s Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. Last Friday (Jan. 15), while visiting The Talk the legendary lyricist made a few statements that has Hip-Hop excited about his suggested “surprise” guests. The left-coast icon mentioned bring out members from his respected groups.

“I got some tricks up my sleeve. I can’t reveal it all,” reflected the Hip-Hop pioneer. “But I’m trying to bring the members of N.W.A together. Come with me on the stage. Give everybody a little history lesson on Ice Cube and N.W.A, Westside Connection. Everything I’ve been doing over the years.”

[ALSO READ: Ice Cube Responds To ‘Straight Outta Compton’ Oscar Snub: “We Ain’t Worried About It!”]

Last year, while performing at the BET Experience MC Ren, DJ Yella, Ice Cube rocked the mic. Before that appearance over two decades had passed since N.W.A. came together. Although Dr. Dre didn’t make the show, some think it was this reconciliation that spawned the critically-hailed N.W.A. biopic, Straight Outta Compton.

Is this announcement enough to make one purchase a Coachella ticket?





Source: Ice Cube Hints At Bringing Out N.W.A. & West Side Connection At Coachella

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Rapper gets pulled over, offers cops mixtape instead of ID



According to police, 18-year-old rapper Volvique Louis Jean Jr. offered his new mixtape as ID instead of his driver’s license when he was pulled over for reckless driving.

Jean was pulled over by police after his car and two others sped into the bus loop at the Atlantic Community High School in Delray Beach. The cars narrowly missed students who had just been dismissed from school.

Officers drove into the center of the road in a golf cart and forced the cars to pull over. When the officers asked Jean for ID, he pulled out instead his new mixtape.

One of the people in the other cars called out to officers that they were there to pick up a friend. The officers recognized several of the people in the cars as former students, including Jean.

The cars then pulled out into the road and sped off, nearly hitting more students on their way to flee the scene.

Jean has since been charged with eluding, reckless driving, driving with a suspended license and trespassing on school grounds.

Source: Rapper gets pulled over, offers cops mixtape instead of ID