BIGO LIVE Tutorial How to Use BIGO LIVE Ultimate Guide

BIGO LIVE is a leading live video streaming app and platform where you can live your daily moments, watch great live streams, and live chat with people worldwide.

But if it is your first time to download BIGO LIVE app, you may not know how to use BIGO LIVE.


The ultimate guide will walk you through getting started with BIGO LIVE, including essential tips like logging in BIGO LIVE, going live on BIGO LIVE, recharging on BIGO LIVE, and making money from BIGO LIVE.

Whether you just downloaded the BIGO LIVE app or you have used the app for a while, read this ultimate tutorial to explore more ways to use BIGO LIVE and click the embedded links to learn more.

How to Log in and Activate Your BIGO LIVE Account

You can login to your BIGO LIVE account from computer or mobile.

  • On mobile, open the BIGO LIVE app, then choose “Sign in with Phone”, “Sign in with Facebook”, “Sign in with Apple”, or sign in with Google, Twitter, VK, etc.
  • On computer, go to BIGO LIVE official website and click on the “login” button at the top right corner of your screen. Then, open the BIGO LIVE app on your phone and scan the QR code on your PC to log in.

Detail Guide on how to log in BIGO LIVE

How to Go Live on BIGO LIVE

Step 1: Click the “live” button in the bottom of the middle.

Step 2: Now you can star regular live, multi-guest live, audio live, virtual live or game live.

  • Live: This is the normal live room.
  • Multi-Guest Live: You can live with up to 12 people in multi-guest live room.
  • Virtual Live: This allows you to make a virtual appearance in 3D to start your live.
  • Audio Live: You can start an audio live (without showing your face) in audio live room.
  • Game Live: This allows you to start your game live streaming on mobile or computer.

Step 3: Add a title for your live, and select live tags, like #dance #music etc. so that people can easily find your live.

Step 4: Share your live link to social media platform to make more people watch your live.

Step 5: After all the above settings, click “Go Live”.

How to Play and Watch Live Games on Bigo Live?

Ever wanted to stream your game play to show your skills and share these moments with friends? If you’re interested in either creating or watching a gaming livestream, then here’s how to how to get started game streaming on Bigo Live.

  • On mobile, open the Bigo Live app. Then, tap the round icon in the middle of the bottom and choose “Game Live”. Now, you can choose games and tap “Go Live”.
  • If you want to broadcast games on your computer, you need to download Bigo Live Connector.

To watch endless live game streaming, you can open the Bigo live App or go to Bigo live official website.

➞ Detailed Guide on How to Play and Watch Live Games on Bigo Live

How to Private Stream on Bigo Live?

Do you want to set up a private stream room that only your friends or fans can join and watch? Great! Bigo Live allows you to host a private live stream! Follow the steps below to “lock” your live streaming room easily.

When you are prepared to go live, you’ll see 3 icons under the “Title” which is your room’s name. Click the “lock” icon on the right and you’ll enter the Private Room. Then, the Private Room will not be seen or joined by any user unless invited.

➞ Detailed Guide on How to Private Stream on Bigo Live

How to Make a Video Call on Bigo Live?

Bigo Live not only allows you to live stream your daily live, but also it lets you live video chat with friends.

To make video call with a friend or a follower, you can start a live and then choose “Guest Live”.

To make group video chat, you can enter the “multi-guest live” mode. Then, invite your friends to the room and start group video chat.

➞ Detailed Guide on How to Make a Video Call on Bigo Live

How to Start PK on Bigo Live?

Have you ever heard “Bigo Live PK”? PK (referred to as Battles) is real-time competition between streamers.

PK breathes new life into established streaming platforms in a number of ways.

  • Firstly, the competitive dynamic will strengthen the relationships between streamers and their fans.
  • Secondly, PK has the potential to incent viewers to give more gifts to streamers, which is primarily how a streamer earn money.
  • Lastly, PK is a tool for streamers to create fresh, new content for their audience.

➞ Detailed Guide on How to Start PK?

How to Change Your BIGO ID?

If you wrote your BIGO ID incorrectly the first time, or there was a mistake in pronunciation or a misspelling in letters, you have one-time opportunity to change your BIGO ID. Here are the steps.

Step 1. Open Bigo Live app and tap your profile icon.

Step 2. Click the “Profile” photo and tap “Edit” button in the top right corner.

Step 3. Change your BIGO ID.

➞ Detailed Guide on How to Change Your Bigo ID

How to Change BIGO Phone Number?

If your phone number is lost, expired, or cannot be reach anymore, you can change your phone number associated with Bigo Live. Follow the steps below.

Step 1. Open Bigo Live app and visit your profile page.

Step 2. Tap on “Settings” > “Account management”.

Step 3. In “Bind account”, tap “phone” > “Change Phone Number”. Then, fill which new number you are changing to.

➞ Detailed Guide on How to Change BIGO Phone Number

How to Find Someone on Bigo Live?

Do you want to know if any of your friends are using Bigo Live? Or do you want to find a streamer on Bigo Live?

Easy! Bigo Live allows you find someone with their username, Bigo ID and even their LIVE title.

➞ Detailed Guide on How to Find Someone On Bigo Live

How to Become a Host on Bigo?

Becoming a host on Bigo is necessary if you want to show your talent and maximize your earnings.

Typically, there are two ways to become a Bigo Live host.

Way 1. Anyone can be a host on Bigo Live as long as you are 18+. You can download Bigo Live app. Then sign in and go live.

Way 2. You can become an official host of Bigo Live. Bigo official hosts are those streamers who work on bigo under a contract signed directly with Bigo Live or their recruitment agencies. They can earn money via earning virtual give and receiving the salary.

➞ Detailed Guide on How to Become a Host on BIGO

How to Apply for Bigo Agency

If you have enough KOLs/artist’s/celebrity resources, or friends with both talent and charisma, Bigo Live invites you to join us as agents.

As rewards, you can make money from being the agency. The more broadcasters you attracted, the more rewards you’ll get.

➞ Detailed Guide on How to Apply for Bigo Agency

How to Start or Join a Family on Bigo Live

Bigo Live Family is a group of members who support each other to reach their monthly target or (goals). The idea was created to help the broadcasters find support and fame easily in a mutual help among the family members.

You can easily join any existing families and start work with the family members to get support.

➞ Detailed Guide on How to Start or Join a Family On Bigo Live

How to Fast Increase Level in Bigo Live?

The higher level you reach in Bigo Live, the cooler medal you’ll get and the easier it will be for you to be popular. 

In general, you can level up quicker by logging every day, watching more live videos and sharing them, sending and gaining more virtual gifts, or being the VIP.

➞ Detailed Guide on How to Fast Increase Level in Bigo Live?

How to Earn Money from Bigo Live?

Bored of your 9-5 corporate job? Bigo Live gets you an exciting offer to make money by showcasing your talent to people worldwide. Mainly, there are two ways you can make money from Bigo Live:

Way 1. You can work on Bigo Live as Host or Agency. Host will live stream daily and after achieving monthly target then host will paid salary. If you work as recruiter, you can recruit host and earn a decent commission.

Way 2. Earn money from bigo live by encashing virtual gifts. If you are a popular streamer, you can receive a lot of virtual gifts. Then, you can encash them for real money.

➞ Detailed Guide on How to Earn Money from Bigo Live

How to Become Popular on Bigo Live?

The more popular you are on Bigo Live, the more virtual gifts you’ll received, and the more money you’ll earn. Then, how to stand out and become one of the most popular live streamers on Bigo Live?

➞ Read Helpful Tips on How to Become Popular on the Bigo Live?

How to Cash Out Beans on Bigo Live?

BIGO beans is virtual currency use by users and streamers on BIGO to send and receive gifts and to make money transfer. 210 Beans is worth USD$1. To cash out beans to real money on Bigo Live, you should at least have 6,700 beans. 

➞ Detailed Guide on How to Cash Out Beans On Bigo Live 

How to Unban from Bigo Live?

Your account will be banned if you violate the Community Convention of Bigo Live. There are two kinds of violations: Class A Violation and Class B Violation.

  • If you break the Class A Violation, BIGO LIVE will terminate your account.
  • If you break the Class B Violation, BIGO LIVE will suspend your account from 10 minutes to 7 days.

➞ Detailed Guide on Unbanned Bigo Live Account 

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