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Platinum Featured Poet of the Month- D.J. Davis @Middlesoul_JEG

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It’s Your Gyrl, Ms. Carmen aka Platinum Voice PR bringing another Platinum Featured Poet to you!

I had the pleasure meeting this gentleman via twitter. We were connected by way of TEAMJEG and CEO, Blackie. We had plenty of tweeted conversations over the course of a year. He told me that he is a writer and a poet and will be publishing his works very soon. Our team purchased the book, Da Poems, that seemed to intrigue our entire team.

DJ’s spirit is very humble and I was impressed when I had a face to face meeting with him. This is why I chose to feature his work and I would like for you to read about Mr. DJ Davis.



Born on September 15, 1986, with medical challenges that would take months to overcome, Danny and Jacqueline Davis would eventually take their son, Daniel Jonathan (D.J.) Davis home – a day they never thought would happen.  Although his entrée into the world provided obstacles early on, they would not stop his progression. Throughout his life he’s had vivid dreams for his future that were beyond description. Because of his strong relationship with God he knew all things were possible.

Growing up in Lynwood, he attended Nathan Hale Elementary School, Heritage Middle School, and Thornton Fractional South for his freshmen year. At T.F. South, he met teacher Mr. Darrah who would guide his style of writing, helping him to become the writer that he is today. In 2002, his sophomore year, D.J.’s family relocated to Griffith, Indiana where he continued to hone his craft at Griffith High School, under the guidance of his journalism/poetry teacher Ms. Kraiko.

It was early year in his sophomore year that his father, Danny Martin Davis, passed away in his arms. In their last conversation they discussed what he wanted to be when he grew up. D.J.’s response was that he wanted to be a writer, not the doctor that his father had hoped that he would become. His father looked him in the eye told him if that’s what he wanted to do then do it, but do it to the fullest. D.J. took these words of wisdom and carried them with him to the south side of Chicago where his family moved after his father’s passing; a defining moment in his writing career.

In Chicago, at St. Rita High School he would meet several people who have changed his life – Dr. Kisicki, Mr. G., Father Tom, Brother Jack, and Brother Gerome. Under the guidance of Dr. K., D.J.’s work was published on and in the American Poets Society through poetry contest submissions. These early successes where exciting and fueled his dream of writing his own book Da Poems. He started writing the book in 1999, while in the 7th grade, but it wasn’t until his time at St. Rita that he would start to take it serious. It was also during this time that he met a group of young men that embodied the same burning desire that he had for poetry – “The Magnificent Seven”.

The Magnificent Seven, named by Dr. K., included John Bergin, Jeff Lein, Cory Malnarik, Osvaldo Murillo, Mike Rauen, and Dr. K. along with D.J. Davis. They met after school to discuss their poetry.  Each poet’s writing style was unique and an inspiration to the group.

In his senior year, another teacher, Ms. Marach, nurtured the birth of a magazine entitled “Envision”, where D.J.’s poem Production of Pain was published. Production of Pain was about a grandmother whose grandchildren were driven by the temptations of the streets due to neglect.

During his junior and senior years he performed at open-mics in the Chicago area. It was at the open-mics that he would become a part of the spoken word community that would shape his future as an artist.

Upon graduation he enrolled in Columbia College, majoring in Creative Writing with an emphasis in Poetry. While attending Columbia he immediately immersed himself in student organizations and worked with both faculty and students to help with the progression of his book Da Poems. One organization in particular connected him with well-respected writers, the Columbia College Association of Black Journalists.

D.J.’s words have been given many titles “deep”, “inspiring”, “passionate”, “soulful”, and “loving”. Eventually he realized that he needed to evolve as a writer and explore writing beyond poetry. He began to write plays and even started acting. D.J. has also written skits as a member of the Youth Expressing Christ-Collegian Drama Club at Christ Universal Temple.

It is his sincerest hope that his words capture reader’s hearts and lead them to check out his future releases: Krystal Klear: Falling In Love With The Essence Of A Black Woman, 12 Roses, and Dedicated To The Woman Who Game Me Life


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What Is Love by D.J. Davis

It’s not just a word you say to anyone and everyone
This word has
Emotions behind it
Over the years love has become over rated
People are saying I love you
When they mean to say I like you a lot
Just because you think about that person a lot
Doesn’t mean you’re in love
Love is an expression as well as a feeling
Love can be expressed in so many different forms
Your parents provide food and shelter for you because They love you
If they didn’t, they would have left you on the street
God puts oxygen in your lungs so you can breathe
Because He loves you
God keeps your heart beating
Because He loves you
Your family advises you what to do in certain situations
Because they love you
Maybe next time you’ll think of another way to express Your feelings
You won’t go straight into saying I love you
And I hope that if you do say I love you
That you mean it

Author of Da Poems

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Platinum Poets

Jeronimo- Platinum Poet of the Month

Hey Y’all!

It’s Your Gyrl, Ms Carmen aka Platinum Voice PR bringing another Platinum Poet  to you!

This gentleman hails from Chicago and is better known as Jeronimo!

He is a spoken word poet and has a pretty good track record for himself . When I received his work , it was  a little different from expected. So, I look forward to experiencing the art from Jeronimo as well. I can say that he is a very humble individual and I ask that you enjoy the works of Jeronimo!

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