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Coin Master, developed by Moon Active, is a Puzzle, Building, and Multiplayer video game available to play on Mobile Devices, such as Android and iOS. A beautiful cast of pigs is there to entertain you a lot. For sure, spin games are fun to play, but the entertainment gets double when it lands with a beautiful blend of Building and Glory. Millions of players from all over the world are playing Coin Master intending to make as many coins as possible. It doesn’t only grant you the power to build your village to welcome you buddies, but also rewards you with free in-game gold coins.

Lots of Fun-filled Activities

No doubt, it features fun-filled gameplay, providing you dozens of activities to participate, from building to raiding. While playing the game, you can participate in the following activities, such as:

  • Raid Friends Villages
  • Attack Friend Villages
  • Spin to Test Your Fortune
  • Unlock Pets with different Abilities
  • Explore different Worlds
  • Be the King

You can join the game by merely signing up using Facebook or playing as a guest. Using Facebook to access the game would ensure your progress will be saved all the time whenever you come while playing as the guest won’t a proper way to keep your progress—playing as the guest won’t let you move your account from one device to another. If we talk about the game world that spans different environments, and each one comes with challenging objectives to complete. The ultimate goal is to build your village by revealing your building skills and raid others to expand the empire further to become the king.

How to Start Building a Village in Coin Master?

The game provides you an opportunity to join millions of people on Facebook in a massive attack, spins, and raid to create your Village, and lead it to the top on the leaderboards. Before starting, you should know what the game requires to make you the next Coin Master. When you are playing the game, you have a chance to travel through time to discover magical lands, and battle against enemies to be the following:

  • Pirate
  • King
  • Warrior
  • Viking
  • Hippie
  • And more

Spin to test Your Fortune and Earn Loot

The introduction of a spin machine provides you with endless possibilities of winning a lot of prizes, in-game gold coins, and much more. In short, it attracts a crowd of players toward it and gives them a chance to test their luck to find out whether they are lucky or not. The only aim is to become the Coin Master with the most energetic village and the most loot.

There’s a slot machine, comprising three reels, and each one is having different shapes like coins, pigs, hammers, and more. The completion of the objective will reward you with a star, and upon having ten stars, you get able to create another village. Attacking friends and others’ villages will add coins to your wallet that you can unlock to unlock additional content. Don’t forget to claim Coin Master Free Spins, as it is considered the fastest way to earn endless coins.

Attack and Loot Friends and Fellow Vikings

It would help if you cleared your doubt that attacking and raiding are essential to your progress in the game because they will reward you with coins and other prizes. Therefore, raiding fellow Vikings will leave you prizes and other rewards to use later. Another thing is that making coins using a slot machine isn’t only the way introduced to the game to get loot, as you can steal it too. To do so, you attack or raid friends and enemies to have enough loot to build your beautiful village.

There’s no need to break your collection bank. Prepare yourself for an epic fight and come out victorious against foes. Upon getting smashed, you have an option of taking revenge on those guys who betrayed you badly and smashed your village, while taking all of your stuff. Fighting enemies doesn’t mean to loot but bring your Coin Dozer back to get richer again.

How to Collect Valuable Cards in Coin Master?

Coin Master isn’t always about raiding to loot; sometimes, it’s about the treasure. While playing the game, you can gather valuable cards to complete your collection and move on to the next village.

Note: The domination of every village will double your wins and prizes.

Play with Buddies

After making a collection of cards, you are allowed to join the massive online community to trade your cards with others to collect more. You can join the fastest growing interactive Facebook community to meet new Viking friends, trade treasures, and earn big rewards.

Don’t waste your time by putting your luck to the test. For those players who are new to Coin Master, we have compiled a complete Coin Master Walkthrough, to let them know how to build their first village, obtain coins, collect stars, and raid others to become the master. Let’s get started!

Coin Master Walkthrough – Land of Vikings

Build Your First Village

At the very first, you start your career by building your village using the wooden hammer. The game has added a tutorial to teach you how to start playing. You should try your best to learn the basics and get advanced through the game by leading your character to the end. The building of a village requires you to spend more than 60K coins, and you don’t need to worry as 75K coins are already available in your wallet by default; therefore, build your village using the coins you already have in your wallet by tapping on the house you wish to place over the empty land.

During the gameplay, each item you build will reward you with one start, and once you collect 20 stars, you become able to create your 2nd village. Once you get out of the coin, swipe down your screen to earn more coins. Swiping the screen down will introduce you to a slot machine that you can use to make coins, attack and raid other villages. At the start, you have only eight Coin Master free spins available out of 50, and 5 spins will be added to your account right after an hour; therefore, you should use all of your spins at one to win huge prizes.

Slot Machine

Coin Master isn’t only about building villages and raiding friends; it’s about winning huge prizes by playing slot machine games. The game features a beautiful slot machine containing three reels, and by making a combination of three similar items, it will reward you with big prizes. There’s a massive red-colored Button “Spin,” that upon getting tapped will move the reels randomly, and will reward you accordingly.


Once you got the iron hammer, considered yourself eligible for attacking other villages for in-game coins. The game will display you different parts of villages, and lets you choose one of them to attack and earn coins. Upon showing your choice, the hammer will reveal its power and dominate the village for you. The successful attack will reward you up to 150,000 coins, which are automatically added to your account to use later.


Once you bring three shields together on the slot machine, consider your village is fully protected, as there will be no one who could dominate the town. After that, upon spinning the slot machines, you will another hammer, and this time, the game takes you to attack Anna’s village, who will block your attack, and you will only earn 50K coins, sadly.

Having three pigs on the Slot Machine will let you raid the Coin Master’s Village and Steal the coins to become the master. Once you click, you find yourself in the Coin Master’s village, where you have three options to dig three of four targeted locations for in-game coins. Selecting the correct places will reward you with 290K coins from Lork’s Treasure. After completing the objectives, your ultimate rewards are the following:

  1. 50 Free Spins
  2. 1 Million Free Coins
  3. Play with Friends
  4. Save Your Progress

Steal Coins from Assia Village

After having three pigs on the slot machine, you can raid friends and Viking fellows. This time, Assia is running amok, and you got a chance to steal coins. Similar to the previous turn, you should choose three of four locations to dig and steal coins to add in your wallet. After that, attacking Etta’s village reward you with 150K coins. Your ultimate goal is to complete your village by placing different structures, including:

  1. House
  2. Farm
  3. Pig House
  4. Statue
  5. Boat

Once you placed all the said structures, then struggle to upgrade them one by one using the coins you have collected. The process requires a lot of coins; therefore, you should play the Slot Machine game to earn coins. To run the slot machine, you need free spins that you can only obtain using the slot machine itself, inviting your friends to join the game, and completing the construction of the village. As I told above, the completion of buildings will reward you with one star, and once 20 stars are added to your board, the first level gets completed, and you will be promoted to another island where you have to build a new village from the beginning. This time, the game rewards you with 25 free spins.

Coin Master Walkthrough – Ancient Egypt

More than 50 maps are featured in the game, and each one is set in different locations across the world. As you jump into Ancient Egypt, the game rewards you with 25 free spins to earn in-game coins. You can hold the spin red-colored button for an auto spin, and give your rest for a few moments.

Note: You should attack small objects, instead of massive ones. The structure protected with a shield will never let you destroy those items but grant you 50K coins as a reward. So keep attacking friends and fellow Viking’s villages to earn coins because the area will get completed once you earn 20 stars. Start your dream of dominating the world with 25 free spins and coins in your wallet.

Attack and Raid Villages to Loot

You should keep in mind that in your absence, other players may attack your villages. Although you have collected three or more shields for your village, what will happen once all shields get smashed, then no one could save you from destroying them.

Increasing Difficulty Level

At the very start, the game lets you play low difficulty levels as they required a few thousand coins to let you build structures. When you approach high stages, you need thousands of thousands of coins to build your village and defend it from other enemies and friends. When you run out of spins, the game lets you purchase using real-world money. In case you don’t intend to purchase using real cash, then you should wait for an hour to obtain five Coin Master free spins. You can earn free spins following other methods, like inviting your Facebook Friends, other buddies, and family members.

Visit Village Shop

Once you earn a lot of coins, you should visit Village Shop to earn stars by completing the buildings in your village. You start creating the town from an empty land but end up with a luxury village containing different structures, including a beautiful house and a statue. You don’t need to build a town but upgrade it also to turn into a luxury town, unlike others.

Defend Your Village

You aren’t only supposed to attack others, and they can also attack your village. Therefore, you should always keep shields to defend yourself. You can collect three guards using the Slot Machine. Whenever an enemy comes and attacks your village by targeting any specific location, one of three securities will be broken by rescuing the structure from being smashed.

Therefore, whenever you come after a long break and find all of your shields are broken, as well as your structures are damaged, then you need to fix them using the coins you hardly earned by spinning the slot machine. At that time, you realize how many coins you have wasted for repairing the village. So, always keeps yourself equipped with shields to avoid facing that scenario.

There are different types of locations available, and Egypt is the 2nd world to navigate. Before heading up Egypt, you should keep yourself fully prepared for the preparation of the village using the coins. Don’t waste your coin

Collection of Cards

You would be surprised to know how many villages you have to build while playing the game. It may be around about 240, and the completion of each village from the third level will grant you a card that you can use to have a lot of coins and other prizes. Try to make friends using your social accounts, or invite your real-world friends to join you over there to claim free coins daily.

Village News

The game introduces a feature, known as “Village News” which tells you who attacked your village—using this feature to remember the names of attackers and avenge whenever you get a chance.

Unlock other Locations

There are different locations to explore, and each one lets you start building your village from empty land. Each locale comes with different themes, structures, rewards, and coins that you needed to complete the task. You can’t be promoted to next to the village by merely building structures and statues, as you have to keep updating until you can’t see the word completed next to that item. Only the first location is unlocked, be the default while remaining requires the completion of the previous one.

Prominent Locations to Build Villages

As mentioned above, the game hasn’t only one location. It comes with different areas, along with their culture and tradition. You should follow and adapt them to become the Coin Master. In each region, you have an opportunity to fight against other players, dominate the villages to earn coins, and attack them to smash their structure as well. Keep building your village to unlock other locations. The game rewards you five spins for free after an hour and will add to your wallet to use whenever you come online. The sites are the following:

  • Land of Vikings
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Snowy Alps
  • Inca
  • Far East
  • Stone Age
  • Sunny Hawaii
  • Troy
  • Africa
  • Atlantis
  • The Future
  • Wood Stock
  • Arabian Nights
  • And more

Each location has different aspects and the slot machine with a similar theme accordingly to the area. If you’re lucky, then you may start your next with over 1 million coins that you can use to make your village more beautiful than ever. Complete the requirements of your 2nd village, and move on to the creation of the third one, which will lead you to the Snowy Alps.

Coin Master Walkthrough – Snowy Alps

The completion of Ancient Egypt will unlock the third part of the game, known as the Snowy Alps. You would be happy to know that you will unlock a new collectible, known as Bet Multiplier, which is famous for making your rewards and coins double.

Moreover, the completion of the previous segment would unlock fascinating cards that you can use to boost up your power. The unlockable cards are the following:

  • Pets
  • Statues
  • Beasts
  • Items
  • Creatures
  • Sweets

After collecting rewards, get back to work and start spinning, smashing, and stealing coins by playing your favorite Slot Machine game. The village of the targeted person will be shown on your screen. Upon having three hammers in the same row, the game lets you release attack on the village, and loot all coins, while on the other hand, if all three reels display pigs in the same row, you will be able to steal coins and treasure to become the master. At that time, the game provides you three chances, while you find four different places to dig, it means there’s one place empty, containing nothing to gather.

So keep spinning to reveal shields and massive rewards for your village. Your village won’t be considered as completed until you don’t take each structure to its max level. Lots of coins you may have to collect like any other game. It looks simple to play but hard to master. You should play strategically to gather as many coins as possible to complete the village and move to the next one. In the said theme, you find yourself in a snowy environment where you have to build your dream village by placing different structures. You’re not limited to building a single item at once, as you are supposed to build all structures simultaneously if you have enough points. Therefore, don’t waste your time making objects one by one.

Coin Master Walkthrough – Inca

If you’re lucky, your every day will start with a gift of coins granted to you by Coin Master itself. The start day won’t be as ordinary, because the game itself presents you with over 100 Coin Master free spins, and more than 22 million coins you can use to further content. Don’t forget your aim of gathering stars to unlock additional worlds to navigate and build your villages over there. For sure, the completion of buildings rewards you with coins, but first, you need to invest in completing the infrastructure of your village. The completion of Snowy Alps welcomes you to Inca, where you will be introduced with three cards of the following:

  • Holy Cow
  • Funky Penguin
  • Asian Elephant

These are three cards that will unlock once you approach the Inca stage, where another surprise awaits you in the form of Foxy, who will also get opened.

Fox is hungry

Your responsibility will be increased as you reach the advanced stages. Several pets will unlock, and you must look after them, feeding them timely, and be the best caretaker to become the Coin Master. Keeping your pets always well fed will increase the raid rewards. You can use the Potions to increase the Pet XP. All of your collected pets will be available in one place, and you would be happy to know that each one has a unique special ability to use against your enemies and other Viking fellows.

Unlock Daily Spin 

Another great feature of the game is Daily Spin, which won’t only help you to test your fortune but also let you win massive rewards, starting from 50K to 20 Million. If you’re lucky, then 20 Million will be yours. In the following stage, your requirements for developing a village are the same as you did in previous lands, such as:

  • Build a House
  • Create a Statue
  • Grow Crops
  • Build a Horse
  • Craft a Cart

You have to upgrade each item three times to complete the stage and move to the next one. As you know, the completion and up-gradation of each object will leave you a star on your leaderboard, and after having 20 stars, you get able to unlock another place to build your village over there. The construction of the house and other things are in your hands, how you deal with them. You can create them one by one or can go with them all at once to save your time, and see the evaluation of each one.

Coin Master Walkthrough – Far East

The completion of the village will reward you with Coin Master free spins, coins, and of course, a wooden chest containing cards that got unlocked recently. And this time, you will get three cards as follows:

  • Golden Emperor
  • MC Buffalo
  • Neptune

Following your footsteps in previous places, start building your new village over here with a totally new look and theme. Similar to earlier stages, your ultimate goal is to gather up to 20 stars by completing the construction of each structure. Start creating the village by merely building a home using the coins.

You should know that each construction will charge you coins, and their up-gradation will require more; therefore, you should keep mining coins by playing a simple slot machine. Don’t forget to claim Coin Master free spins as it works as the fuel of your car. At the end of the article, I will share some strategies and tactics regarding the game on how to earn more coins and spins to become the master.

Coin Master Walkthrough – Stone Age

You will be rewarded with the following cards, such as Alpaca, Sugar Rush, and Mighty Eagle. This time, the game will take you back to the Stone Age, where modern houses and other advanced technology didn’t exist; therefore, your ultimate goal is to build objects made up of stones to complete the location. Now, you have an opportunity to build your village in the Stone Age using the coins you earned by completing challenges, raiding other towns, and stealing coins. Don’t forget to install an extra layer of protection by having shields.

In case you run out of coins, watch video ads to claim some for you. Use spin the slot machine to reveal the best combination of objects on the reel to win the massive rewards. The game rewards you with thousands of coins if you successfully land three treasure bags on three reels. Having three hammers on all three reels will force you to attack the village of the targeted person and claim your rewards. If three pigs landed on the reels, your ultimate goal is to steal coins from another’s village.

Coin Master Walkthrough – Sunny Hawaii

As the game starts, you find yourself standing ahead of a jungle-themed world where you may find out wild people, as well as animals. Don’t frighten, as they won’t attack you. Polish your tools, sharpener your hammer, and saw to start building your village over there. While playing the game, you have to make a hut, create a farm, take care of an egg to turn it into a bird and build a boat to journey the sea. Once done, start updating them using the coins you have in your wallet. Updating all objectives won’t be an easy task for you, as it requires coins in a huge number. You aren’t limited to earning coins by playing Slot Game, as you can participate in other activities as the following, such as:

  • Invite Friends
  • Watch Video Ads
  • Use Daily Spinner
  • Raid on others’ Villages
  • Steal Coins from others

Try to unlock Multiplier to make your winning doubles and always keep opening pets and cards to complete your collection. Once done, show off your friends to make them impressed. Lots of other prominent features are available that are planted to keep you engaged for endless hours of fun. Don’t show mercy on anyone, as your own built villages are under the thread, because other players are always in search of smashing it for rewards or stealing money. To earn higher coins, you should attempt to increase the level of your fox as much as possible, because, with a higher level, you will claim high rewards and prizes with 22% extra.

Coin Master Walkthrough – Troy

After completing all the above-given locations, you find yourself in a beautifully crafted environment with a similar task you performed in previous locations. Create your village, defend and protect it from others, while raiding on your friends and other Viking fellows, because your ultimate goal is to gather as many coins as possible. More than 200 locations are available, and each one requires 20 stars to be get unlocked; therefore, you should keep working hard to build and up-grading the village to the last star. The more you play, the more coins you earn. To save your time, you should turn on the auto spin button, as it will help you in spinning the reels of the slot machine automatically and doesn’t affect the outcome.

Whenever you find numbers on your hammer, understand that you have enough coins that you can start the construction of the village within no time. Upgrading each item, you added to your village will require more coins that you can only obtain by playing slot machine games. The Slot machine game is quite simple and has three reels, containing different images. You can earn more points by raiding in the village of your friends.

When do you become eligible for Raiding friends? At the very start, you can’t attack your friend’s village, because you aren’t supposed to do that. Therefore, you should start spinning the slot machine to get a combination of three hammers, and then launch the attack over the targeted person to earn in-game points. The more you play, the better you understand. When you become online, try to check you had smashed your village behind you. Once you find your town broke, try to fix them all using the coins. Don’t forget to collect your daily coins for free.

Coin Master Tips and Tricks 2020


Millions of players from all over the world are playing Coin Master. Being an online Strategy Game gives you a tough competition to participate against thousands of players from all across the land, and each one is struggling to get the top position on the leaderboard.

No doubt, your strategies should be unique and powerful if you want to be the best player ever, but what else do you need. It would be a good deal with spins and coins. Therefore, you should know that the lack of coins and spins sometimes leads you to a critical situation when you either have to spend real money or rely on fake generators of spins and coins.

In this article, you will learn the most legitimate tips to grab unlimited coins and spins following the traditional ways in the game, but before you should keep in mind that coins and spins generated from any generator outside the game are fake, and may cause your account got hacked.

Never Store Your Income

The game takes place in the virtual world, not in the real world. Probably, you shouldn’t keep your belief in saving. This is because people from all over the world are hungry for your coins and treasures, and they may steal some of them in your absence. Therefore, you should keep earning and spending coins in building your village.

Adjust the Time

Whenever you run out of resources, go to your clock setting and set the time in the future for unlocking items and resources, you need to craft your village.

Use spins after 10 hours

You can’t do anything with 5 to 10 spins; therefore, wait for 10 hours and back to the game to start collecting coins. Once a lot of spins get collected, you may end up earning with higher chances of betting, and hence a great deal. Having over 50 spins would provide you with opportunities of robbing other villages.

Collect Daily Bonus

Don’t forget to claim your daily bonus as it would be a great tip to increase your chances of having more spins and coins. Collecting daily bonuses keeps the thrill of the game fresh in you, which is the basis of the game presence. Following the given tips, you can easily earn up to 50 Million coins using the daily bonuses.

Feed Your Pet

As mentioned above, a well-fed pet will make your coins double and will give you a chance to attack opposing players with 2x force. You should know that when you are going to raid, your pet can dig three times, but if he isn’t hungry, then the number increases from three to four, and the chances of discovering a treasure would increase surprisingly.

Watch Video Ads

Whenever you find yourself running out of coins and spins, then you have an opportunity of watching video ads, as at that time, they are only the source of making coins and spins. Keep in mind that the ads of Coin Master aren’t too long and tedious anymore.


The final tip is a raid, which sounds quite simple, but it could be helpful for you if you are well planned. As before, I told you that you could put yourself in trouble by saving your income because of robbers who are everywhere and ready to loot your house after getting a chance. To avoid facing that scenario, you should invest your money in equipping yourself with the advanced tools and resources required to do a successful raid.


Coin Master promises to provide you with fun-filled gameplay, along with beautiful graphics, relaxing soundtracks, and stunning mechanics. The concept of earning coins and spending for building villages is excellent, as it keeps players fully engaged for endless hours of fun. The addition of different environments will never let anyone get bored; therefore, every player keeps himself in the struggle of gathering up to 20 stars and unlocking what the next location has for him to complete.

At the very beginning, the game lacks the auto spin button, and some players find hitting the red-colored button, again and again, a tedious process. Coin Master adds an auto spin button to let the player hold, and long-press will get rid of your pressing button again and again the problem. More than 200 locations are there, and each one brings a unique theme. The difficulty level increases, and imagine what it will be at the last level. Prepare yourself with millions of millions of coins to build your village in every location if you want to be a Coin Master.

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