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Before gambling for real money, remember always to play responsibly, as gambling is risky and addictive. Be cautious when spinning the reels in slot games at online casinos when you bet real money. We advise you to read more about responsible gaming at the independent charity BeGambleAware® before you bet your money on online casinos.
BETO™ & BeGambleAware® share the mutual mission of keeping you safe from gambling harm.

BETO wants you to play responsibly. Below are our official guidelines to ensure you never end up in an unhealthy situation:

TIP: Set a fixed budget for your gaming session. No matter what slot you play, you should always set a predetermined budget (bankroll). This limit is a fixed amount of money that you are willing to and can afford to lose when you start your playing session on video slots.

Keep track of your spending when playing slot games for real money. Like all other expenses in your life, you should always keep track of how much money you are spending when playing real money slots at online casinos. There are several ways to do this: Use an app for your budgets, a simple spreadsheet on your computer or just a piece of paper. Make sure you note down the details of your gaming expenses.

Bankroll is a free tool you can use to play responsibly.

Betting on free slots for real money requires self-discipline

Keep track of time: it is easy to lose track of time while playing slots online.
Set a clock when your gaming session starts. This is the only way not to lose track of time and not get too carried away in the entertainment.

Remember, playing on free slots here at BETO is just as entertaining, and you do not always need to play for real money. So, play free slots, and enjoy risk-free fun.

IMPORTANT: Never chase the next win to win back what you lost! This is a piece of important advice for all online slot players. If you have lost, don’t try to win back what you lost by betting even more. Once your set budget is spent for the day, immediately stop playing.

Set a bankroll when playing online casino slots

Bankroll and Budget: Your bankroll size should be set, so you do not regret losing the money you are gambling. If you feel troubled by the lost amount, you should stop playing and walk away from the screen to calm down your body.

Playing slots online should always be a fun experience, and you must stop playing if the spinning sessions turn into a bad experience.

BETO is independent and helps all kinds of players

BETO International are 100% independent, and we aren’t affiliated with any game producers, i.e. the gaming software companies. We do not host any games on our servers and have no control over the gameplay or the outcome of the games.

BETO reviews every free slot we encounter, and that too independently. We have some of the best experts from all over the world to test the slot machines. In addition, we offer free access to different game-related theories and provide tips and tricks from some of the best players and gambling authors.

We keep a close eye on online slot casinos to ensure our players are greeted with fair play and the best online casino bonuses for classic slots or the modern games from Mega Moolah, which offers progressive jackpots and huge winnings.

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