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Check Out J. Davis New Movie “Shots Fired” Trailer

Hey Y’all! It’s ya Gyrl, Ms aka Platinum Voice PR and I’m bringing you the someone you should know news!

This feature is very personable to me because this is one of my friend’s movies ! He is also a Team-mate of mines as well! Mr Jay Davis is a funny guy and I’m so glad to be a part of TeamPervert!

Check out the trailer and I hope to see you on May 19th at the Portage Theater in Chicago!

The 1st single off of the Shots Fired Soundtrack – Shots – By Coriz TheWrita, T.R.O.Y, Prince Ghost, and Velle Vell

Shots Fired is an action/comedy about two totally opposite detectives, who are forced to become partners and work the biggest case of their careers. Kevin Payne, an overly aggressive, burned out, thrill-seeker, has cost the city millions in damages as a result of his heroics. Marcus Banks, a weed-smoking, self-hating alcoholic who not only has gotten his captain / uncle reprimanded on several occasions, but his fellow officers shot while on duty. Both of these men have different values and agendas, but they have to somehow coincide to solve the murder of world-renowned scientist John Mangenelli Sr. Shots Fired is a non-stop action/ comedy that will leave people at the edge of their seats.

Jay Davis Fans you can also checkout the website for the movie at for more info on the movie and like the Shots fired Facebook Fan page at this link

Premiering at the Portage Theater May 19th 2012

Second single from the movie soundtrack Shots Fired. Coriz TheWrita and Jay Davis Presents Mars featuring F. Mills of Legitmate Hustle Music. Each song has featured extremely talented artists from Chicago, Atlanta and Florida. Production by Slick of So For real and Written by Coriz and F. Mills. Look for Shots Fired premiering May 19th 2012.

J Davis Productions / Quiet Island Productions
Written / Produced By: Jay Davis