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Online slot machines are apparently very simple games: insert the credits, click on the spin button, wait for the reels to stop and check if you have obtained a winning combination or not.

Slot machines are a combination of many factors that determine the worldwide success of one of the simplest games that can be found in any casino. This type of game is in fact a set of  colours, sights, sounds and sensations that is not easily found in other types of games.

In addition, all the games that do not require special skills to be played are usually the ones  that are most successful. When it comes to slots, all you have to do is decide your bet depending on the machine you choose and spin the reels. That’s all.

Obviously, the variety of machine choices is the real interest of the game. In fact, there are slots for all tastes and budgets, and this is what makes them the most loved game live and  online.

So, who makes the best slots? And where can you play them? The number of companies that develop and distribute slot games is truly vast and, given the success of this type of entertainment, constantly growing. The major providers include the following companies:

  • NetEnt
  • Play’n GO
  • Evolution Gaming
  • Microgaming
  • Playtech
  • NextGen
  • Novomatic

But there are many other companies that offer an increasingly exciting gaming experience. With regard to where you should know that the competition between the best online casinos is fierce. Each operator tries to attract the attention of possibly new users with a proposal that is always fresh and different. Some bet on a huge catalogue of slot machines, others on inviting welcome bonuses, perhaps enriched with dozens of free spins. Basically, if you’re  looking for a new gambling provider, there is no better moment to be looking for one.

Here you’ll find information about the main casino providers you should be on the lookout for.

Any operator intending to enter the gambling market must necessarily obtain a license to operate in accordance with the law. The license verifies and certifies a number of aspects of the operator such as legal requirements, business plans, regularity of the gaming software. It is the most secure way for you to make sure that the online casino isn’t a scam and that you will see your winnings.

AboutSlots can help you with this: check our collection of casinos – they are all 100% safe and licensed by trustworthy authorities.

Furthermore, if you’re new to the world of slots, check out our collection of the best slots, right on this page, and choose your favourite one. On our website, you’ll also be able to try out the demo version of many wonderful slots, without having to create an account or spend any real money.

The fun of online slots

  • the wagering requirements
  • the time limits
  • any game restrictions
  • the betting limits

We do all the legwork so that we can provide you with lists of the best welcome bonus deals. Our website is your one-stop-shop, where you can easily compare casinos and their welcome offers. We’ve made it easy for you to simply pick the promotion that most appeals to you and get playing. Check back regularly though, as we constantly search for the best deals and are always updating the offers available.

How to find a good casino

Online slot machines are invading the internet, and most of the revenue in the online casino sector is represented by revenues from slots. Why are there so many people playing slots?

You no longer have to worry about finding a casino and placing your bets in front of other people who don’t know you. Thanks to online slots you can bet and win large sums of money directly from your home. You can try your luck lying on the sofa, or in the office during your lunch break.

The main advantage of online slots, therefore, is the convenience of playing. But is that really all there is to it? Read on to find out.

Upon entering a brick and mortar casino, no one would come and give you money to welcome you.

Online casinos, incredibly, do it: often it sums between 10 and 30 euros. Of course, this is not money you can withdraw, but you can use it to bet to win more money.

In addition, in online slot machines, there are interesting bonuses that you can receive during the game. We are talking about the Wild and Scatter bonuses. The first is the common wild card and allows you to substitute missing symbols in the pay line in order to obtain a winning combination. Scatter, on the other hand, can triple your total winnings if you hit a combination.

As you can see, playing slots online is extremely beneficial. In addition to cash bonuses and in-game bonuses, online slots have another big advantage over physical ones: a higher chance of winning.

We assure you that it is not a “red herring”. In order to increase the odds of winning a slot, the number of reels must be increased. In fact, increasing the number of reels means increasing the number of possible pay lines.

An online slot machine can have as many as 100 paylines, while the real ones are less than half. In fact, physical slot machines are mechanical – a large number of reels could lead to errors and failures. The fact that online slots are electronic makes them error-free (unless you lose your internet connection while you are betting).

Finally, an additional advantage is entertainment. Online slots, in fact, offer hundreds of games. Furthermore, the graphics are often taken from famous movies and television series and increase the enjoyment of the game.

Features of online slots

There are many things to consider before choosing the top slot you’d like to try next. For example, we recommend you check the following:

  • The RTP, a value described in statistical terms, over a large number of reel spins, declares its return in cash to the player.
  • Paylines: nothing more than virtual sequences that take into consideration the position of symbols when they stop on the reels. If the combination of these symbols is successful according to the rules of the slot machine you are playing, then the payout line is activated, leading to the winning of a prize.
  • Volatility, or the risk linked to a certain slot. That is what a player can expect from the video slot at the end of the session from the point of view of the frequency of the win and the relative amount of money.
  • A safe online casino to play at is another necessary feature for those of you who’d like to try a new slot game. Check our Casino Reviews, where we’ve done all the legwork for you, and established which are the best casinos to play at!

You’ll find that these concepts are clearly explained in our slot reviews, so remember to check them out!

Other live dealer features

There are many things to consider before choosing the top slot you’d like to try next. For example, we recommend you check the following:

  • High volatility slot
  • Medium volatility slot
  • Low volatility slot

High volatility slots are those games in which you can win big, such as jackpot slots. They are characterized by the presence of wild symbols and multipliers that activate potentially very profitable bonus features. Conversely, high volatility slots do not pay out rewards as often. This means that you may have to spin several times before hitting a winning combination.

Conversely, low volatility slots do not have progressive jackpots and often no type of jackpot at all (or in any case very low jackpots). However, the lack of big prizes is compensated for by a higher frequency of winning combinations, which makes low volatility slots the ideal games for those who want to play for a long time

Finally, medium volatility slots are somewhere in between: they offer interesting jackpots, even if they are not mind-boggling figures, and while they don’t have the same “wide sleeve” as low volatility slots, they guarantee a percentage of winning combinations higher than high volatility slots.

Furthermore, slot features are something you should look for when choosing your next slot: free spins, bonus buy, jackpots: these are all elements that can completely modify your game.
Graphics are another element not to be underestimated, as it represents the attractiveness of a slot, as well as its ability to truly engage players.

Casinodaddy’s famous Big wins

Sometimes, reading about these new slots – or trying them for free – isn’t enough, as you might want to see these games in action. We got you covered: we stream on YouTube and Twitch as CasinoDaddy for at least 14 hours every day, so check out our big wins in some of the latest online slots, right below!

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