Panda Slot Machine Play Online Have Fun

Take a moment to prepare yourself to experience one of the most adorable games you have ever tried, coupled with a classic and easy gameplay.

Panda is a video slot game developed by Gameplay Interactive that is filled with the cute and fluffy animals emblematic of China. The game boasts a great graphic environment and ultra simple rules that will guarantee all players a quick start on the reels, regardless of their level of experience.

Get to know Panda a little better and check out our full review of the game before your place your first bet on the reels.

Enchanting Settings

Panda is set somewhere deep in the Chinese jungle, where a large group of wild pandas has chosen to settle down.

The transparent reels are framed in bamboo and leave out plenty of space to admire the background of the game. The bamboo forest is thick and only a few sun rays manage to filter through to illuminate a quiet pond. Water is flowing into a bucket on the side, while the command buttons at the bottom of the screen are designed to be very discreet.

Panda has plenty of details to offer to the players, and this unique and engaging environment does make the game stand out positively on the market. Now let’s see how we can place our first bet.

All the Options are in Your Hands

Panda offers players a simple gameplay and intuitive rules. Check out the command buttons under the reels and you will be able to get started in no time at all.

The game matrix is as simple as it gets: 3 spinning reels and only one horizontal payline right in the middle. You obviously have to try and land winning combinations of symbols onto this payline in order to win cash prizes throughout the game. Panda lets you choose the coin value with the (+) and (-) buttons of the bet section in the command bar. You can then choose to bet either 1, 2 or 3 coins on your next spin.

The size of your future rewards depends on both the type of combinations that occur during the game and the amount of money that you are putting on the table. You can therefore choose to bet more to trigger larger rewards, and the bet max button is there to help you place the largest bet possible with just a single click of your mouse. You might also want to speed up the game process and turn to the autospin game mode to place your chosen wager on several consecutive spin.

Take Responsibility of the Panda Nursery

Pandas are delicate creatures, and the paytable of the game features a few adorable babies that can trigger different payouts.

There are actually only 3 different symbols available in Panda, which is obviously much less than in the vast majority of slot games. The 3 panda babies can trigger rewards going up to 350 times the value of your initial bet. You can check out the paytabe that is permanently displayed in the upper right-hand corner of the game screen.

Note that you can also score mixed combinations with any of the 3 symbols blended together and still win a small cash prize.

A Quick and Easy Game with Few Surprises

Panda bets all on its cute atmosphere and the overall great quality of the graphics and animations. There is no doubt that Panda shines visually, and the gameplay could not be simpler either. Therefore, we could recommend this game to beginner players looking for a smooth start on the slot game market.

You can easily mitigate the risks you are taking by betting only one coin on the reels, and players looking to play it safe for a moment will certainly appreciate this face.

On the other hand, Panda is much more simplistic that the vast majority of the slot games on the current market and does not offer any bonus features to the players. No scatters or mini games, and not even wild cards to look forward to. The extra small paytable also makes the game very repetitive, and lacking the excitement that most other games manage to provide.

In a nutshell, Panda is a very polarizing game: some players will love its simplicity and cuteness, while other will hate to be given so few options and such low payouts. There is no real middle ground here, so take a moment to think about it before you decide to try out Panda.

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