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Bonanza is a 5-reel, 117649 winning ways classic video slot game inspired by the mining sector and powered by Big Time Gaming software. The wheel is designed to resemble a mountain rock. On the top of the reels, there is a minecart that can rotate and act as a special symbol. The no deposit feature is in the demo version of a game. When it comes to symbols, there are wilds, gems, and letters to consider. G, O, L, and D are the most prominent letters on the scroll when spelling. They will work together to give free spins. Purple diamonds have the potential to payout up to 50 times the stake. 3 to 7 symbols can be seen on each reel. Assume that each wheel has 7 icons. Then you’ll be able to unlock up to 117,649 possibilities. This slot machine’s return to player rate (RTP) is 96.00%. The stakes vary from $0.20 to $20. You can utilize automatic games to have reels’ spin following your betting selections.

How to Play Bonanza Slot

Before you start digging for treasure, you should put a wager.

  • Stake will assist you in adjusting coin size, which is necessary to ensure that all bets are kept.
  • Game will spin the wheel once you have decided how much to bet.
  • Autoplay is a feature that allows you to set a reel to spin a predetermined number of times.

Bonanza is a 6-reel, 7-row slot machine. It is a fun slot machine to play. Each race can have up to 117,649 winning ways thanks to the Megaways engine. Each spin has a different number of techniques. Conventional 9-A card symbols (six K or A symbols are 1.75 times the primary) and gems are reels’ symbols. The most valuable symbol is a dazzling purple diamond, which pays 50 times a stake of 5 times the sum. On-pay lines are situated on a gold-mining mountain. It comes with a cascading reel feature. The winning combination vanishes and is replaced with additional symbols, giving you a chance to win multiple times in a single spin. Bonanza 3D slot machines can be played for $0.20 to US$20 per spin on all supported devices. There are numerous methods to win. This game still has a lot of features for high rollers.

Features and symbols

  • Cascading Reels. The symbol of the winning combo vanishes as Cascading Reels. A higher icon will fall into the blank region at the same moment. This stacking effect will continue until there is no more triumph to be had.
  • Free spins. They are awarded when the letters G-O-L-D appear on the reels. You can start with 12 free spins and then press the +5 icon to increase the number of spins by 5.
  • Unlimited Multiplier. Each free spin begins with a 1x multiplier, which increases by 1 with each collected win.

Paytable & Bonus Symbols  

Game has a paytable as following

Basic Info 2 Symbols 3 Symbols 4 Symbols 5 Symbols 6 Symbols
Purple gems 2 5 10 25 50
Red gems no 1 2 2.5 7.5
Blue gems no 0.25 1 1.5 2
Green gems no 0.25 0.5 0.75 2
Ace no 0.2 0.4 0.6 1.75
King no 0.2 0.4 0.6 1.75
Queen no 0.2 0.25 0.6 1
Jack no 0.15 0.25 0.5 1
10 no 0.15 0.25 0.5 0.9
9 no 0.1 0.2 0.4 0.8
  • Scatter: Get 4 Scatters (GOLD) to win 12 free spins
  • Extra Scatter: Every additional Scatter symbol awards additional 5 free spins.
  • Free Spin Scatter: Free Spin Scatters can only be found in carts. 3 Scatters equals 5 additional Free Spins. 4 Scatters equals 10 more Free Spins.
  • Wild: Except for a scatter sign and a wild symbol can be used to replace any other symbol
  • Jackpot: To get a jackpot, you can bet up to 10.000X bet and do it both on mobile and desktop.

Slot features

A Bonanza slot machine isn’t a slot machine that you would expect to find in an action-packed casino. It can still interest and occupy you for several hours. Except for isolated locations, wild symbols in this game appear as bombs and can be used to substitute other symbols. Each mine vehicle appears above reels 2, 3, 4, and 5 and adds a symbol to reels. As part of the reaction, all winning symbols are changed by symbols above and to the reels’ right side.

Real Money Play

Anyone who wants to gamble with real money can use Bonanza slot machines. Both smartphones and tablets can be used to play this game right away. You have to make your first deposit. There are several secure payment methods to choose from. This includes an ability to make quick bank transfers. You can start playing real money games immediately after registering at the casino. Bonus will be credited to the player’s account and can be withdrawn at any time. When playing real money games, each country offers a variety of table games with online casinos. These gaming tables are different and fit a specific placement under each slot game on a website. Some games may be available in some places but not available elsewhere. Users in the following countries/regions are allowed to play real money games.

  • In Australia, there is no single general rule overseeing games. There is no centralized game management entity either. Gambling in Australia is regulated at state/territory and federal levels.
  • In Canada, online gaming is both legal and safe. The country’s federal laws ensure legality. They may differ by city, area, and local legal prohibitions.
  • In New Zealand it’is legal to play real money online slot machines. You can join an online casino from anywhere in the world if you have access to the Internet. It is not essential to live in a state that allows gambling.
  • In the USA you can register for an online casino. To make a wager It is not necessary to live in a state where gambling is legal. You must live in a state that allows internet gaming.

Bonus Rounds, Free Spins, Other Bonuses

Cascading Reels

Because of their regularity, cascading reels are distinctive. The winning combination vanishes and is replaced by other symbols in this process. Victory will be collected again if another winning combination is created. And because characteristics are repeated, you can achieve victory. A special symbol is rolled out of the shopping cart after the winning combination is added to the dual reaction function.

Free spins

Letters G, O, L, and D are 4 scatters in the game. You will get 12 free spins if you land all 4 on reels. Each scatter during free spins will award 5 additional spins. During free spins, you can win an endless number of multipliers. After each reaction you make, this will rise. Free spins are only found in shopping baskets when they are scattered. 5 extra free spins were added when three scatters were found. With 4 scatters, you will get an extra 10 spins. While using free spins, a multiplier can be increased indefinitely. Several victories for a single spin can be significantly enhanced. There are no real limits on the amount that can be won in a single spin. Taking into account the stacked reel function’s continual wins, especially in free spins round, a single spin can be very profitable.

What Makes Bonanza’s Bonus Stand Out Above Other Slot Games?

Bonanza’s greatest jackpot is unquestionably huge, with 10,000 bets (if each wager goes up to $20, the total bet result is $200,000). It’s no match for progressive jackpot slot machines. There are also more slot machines in other casinos with larger jackpots. Like with Bonanza slot machines, things aren’t that straightforward. A provider has created similar games to Bonanza as well. These are such games as Dynamite Digger, Bonanza 2, Diamond Mine, and Dynamite Riches. They are unlike the Bonanza Slot game:

  • Diamond Mine – you can win a 20,000x stake on every free spin;
  • Bonanza 2 – 3 rows and a 96.82% RTP;
  • Dynamite Digger – volatility is medium-low, has 5 reels, 95.52% RTP;
  • Dynamite Riches – 4 rows and 5 reels with a 95.70% RTP.

Tips & Strategy

  1. Decide on a betting limit. Because Bonanza slot machines can be both cost-effective and work-inducing, they will be used in the future. As a result, it’s worth wagering to ensure that you’ll be able to instant play this game over the long haul.
  2. Patience is key, but don’t pursue losses. As a slot machine with somewhat high volatility, winnings may be insignificant. Free spins may take some time to activate.
  3. Gamblers’ false assumptions. Gambler’s mistake is to believe that previous random activity influences future random conduct. “This position has been unpaid for a long time. It should be paid as soon as possible.” Keep in mind that each spin is random.
  4. Be aware of when to collect. An issue with big-win slot machines is that they make you try harder. It is prudent to collect the majority of bonuses after the profitable operation of free spins. This feature can be re-enabled with a little more work. Do not put in too much money.

In Bonanza Slots, how do you score?

Match symbols on the payline to win a Bonanza slot machine. If the winning combination disappears, a symbol that caused it to vanish is replaced with another symbol, giving you a second chance to win. Free spins are retriggering by four gold symbols. Every time you win, a multiplier will increase, allowing you to cover large bills.

What is the Bonanza slot machine’s maximum payout?

On paper, the Bonanza slot machine’s highest payout is 10,000 times the initial bet. You can win a jackpot of up to $200,000 if you bet up to $20 per spin.

How do you play Bonanza and win?

It is as easy as that to play and win on a Bonanza slot machine. See if you are lucky by a respinning wheel. You will look for a winning combination of 3 or more symbols on the payline once you have chosen your bet amount (between $0.20 and $20) and started playing a game.

What is the Bonanza slot machine’s return on investment (RTI)?

RTP of Big Time Gaming’s Bonanza online slot machine is 96%, which is somewhat higher than the industry’s average. This indicates that slot machines should make payouts an average of $96 for every $100 wagered, but this average cannot be guaranteed and should not be taken as such.

Is the Bonanza game available for free?

Free slot machines like Bonanza are a way to get a feel for how the game operates before you start playing for real money. Many online casino sites provide free game versions of Bonanza slot machines. It is possible to play on iPhone, Android, etc.

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